Let’s go to the movies!

Yesterday, I went to see “Something Borrowed” with my friend Amber. In regards to the movie, it was aight. The best part was when Amber yelled “COWARD” at the screen because one of the male characters was being, well, a coward. She said afterward, “Sorry, I just had to say it.” I think everyone else was thinking it too because we all laughed. The movie was cute, but probably the best part was John Krasinski who I really wish was my friend because I feel like we would just sit around and laugh all the time.

Going to the movie reminded me of the first movie I went to go see in Cape Girardeau—”District 9″ with Amber and one of our other coworkers. This happened our first weekend in orientation and even though I was iffy on the idea of seeing “District 9,” (in fact, Amber fell asleep during the movie) I was more excited about already meeting people that I could do things with. That was probably one of the best parts about the people in my TA program, and Cape in general. Even though I didn’t even know their ages yet, favorite hobbies or activities, we were able to take a Saturday afternoon and go to the movies.

So here we are, almost two years later, talking about picking up graduation robes as we leave the theater, and also discussing the movie itself. In the movie, some weird friendship lines are crossed, and the characters do things that we couldn’t imagine ourselves ever doing. Amber and I shared an office, and I wasn’t there when she was cleaning out her desk, which makes me really sad, and so we both say goodbye and “I guess I’ll see you Saturday.” But then, something wonderful happened–I’m getting ready to drive off when I notice Amber standing outside my door and she says she wants to give me a hug. And we both hug and get really sad and I make some silly joke so I won’t start crying and she does anyway and it was wonderful and sad all at the same time. Because of all the people I’ve gone to see movies with in Cape, I’ve gone the most with Amber, and it still amazes me that one of the first things we did together was go to the movies.

Annie and Daddy Warbucks became closer from an outing to the movies, and I think the magical feel they experience in “Annie” from going to the movies exists not just in that particular musical, but everywhere. And even though the movie theater employees didn’t put on a show for us when we arrived like they do for Annie, Daddy Warbucks, and Grace, Amber and I still had a great time, like we always have.

Side note—I forgot the book “Something Borrowed,” of which the movie was based after, was written by the same author that wrote “Love the One You’re With,” a book I read a few years ago. I was so thrown off this book, because the entire plot basically supports what’s said in the title–love the one you’re with, even if you’re more in love with someone else. The whole idea of settling, and I just didn’t really enjoy that theme. But now I guess I gotta go read “Something Borrowed” to see if the characters are as crazy as they were in the movie.


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