A Lovely Day

If you were in the Cape Girardeau area yesterday, you know it actually wasn’t a lovely day. The weather was in the 50s, windy, and kinda gross. But, as far as other determining factors for lovely days go, Saturday, May 14 was definitely a lovely day. Not only did I graduate with my Masters, but I was able to visit with family and friends and be reminded why I am so completely blessed in life. And just because I like lists, I’ve made a list of my 10 favorite moments from yesterday.

1. Not only was my family and oldest friend there to watch me graduate, my boyfriend was able to as well, thanks to the wonderfulness of online streaming. He videotaped me walking across the stage. : )

2. Sitting by my greatest friends from SEMO during the ceremony, especially since Jess did a little rearranging once in the row (the 2nd row, mind you) to ensure we were all sitting by each other. Oh, and all graduating together. : )

3. Jess busting out a bagel and eating it during the ceremony.

4. Finding out Rahul’s graduation gift to me will be hand-delivered, as he’s coming home for a few weeks. : )  I wanted to jump up and down when I found this out, but didn’t want to cause a scene while still wearing my cool cap, gown, and hood.

5. Not only getting to wear the cool Masters hood, but knowing what it symbolized (they don’t just give those things away for free!)

6. Graduating with a 4.0. : )

7. All the friends and family who stopped by my apartment after graduation.

8. The wonderful graduation gifts that make me feel incredibly loved. The biggest surprise–my plane ticket to India this summer folded up in a card from my parents. : )

9. Seeing all the Cape friends I wanted to say goodbye to before leaving, even though The Library was stupid crowded.

10. Finding out the focus of the speaker’s address, James Cook, met his fate by death to cannibals in Hawaii, something the speaker neglected to finish.

And… Minus 47 research papers to grade, knowing I’m finished with my Masters degree!

Today, my parents took Lydia and I to breakfast, then helped me pack up my office and a few things from my apartment. Even though knowing I have to move soon sucks, and even though I don’t feel really any different or smarter today (I mean, I’ve been reading a few leather bound books to test my intelligence), I had a wonderful weekend, full of family, friends, and a graduation ceremony that represented so much more than just the awesome hood Masters graduates get to wear.

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