“What happened to Nicolas Cage?”

So yesterday we celebrated my dad’s birthday. Most of the time, our family gatherings will amount to close to 20 or 30 people, all in one house being very loud. To give you an idea, last Christmas we had around 25 people over at our house. My grandmother makes a huge Italian meal, we go through several bottles of wine, and we provide entertainment in the form of my dad, my Uncle, my sister and I singing “My Heart Will Go On” before playing an almost violent game of Catch Phrase. We turn around and have an equally huge party for New Year’s Eve, so by the time the spring months roll around, our family is a little tired. All that to say that yesterday, it was just my parents, my sister, my grandparents, my Uncle Matt, and the boyfriends.

It was an exciting day not only because it was my dad’s birthday, but also because it was Rahul’s first time really hanging out with the family. I think everyone had a good time, especially when we found out that A. my Uncle Matt’s middle name came from the gynecologist and B. Rahul told a story of when his name was mispronounced as Rachel, prompting everyone to call him Rachel for the next little while. But probably one of the funniest parts of the night was when my grandfather waited to get the attention of the entire table, saying he had a random and off-topic question to ask. I thought he was going to ask Rahul something, or bring up some more unknown information about our family’s history (which he likes to do every once and a while). But nope! He asked, “What happened to Nicolas Cage?”

Thankfully Rahul was there and could answer this question well (Cage didn’t pay his taxes for 12 years, and also just got into a physical altercation with his wife where he was arrested). He just had to answer the same question for his dad, so he was pretty versed in what to say. Plus we are big believers in always sharing something funny that you find, so we often swap funny Nic Cage things we find online. I am also currently trying to master the Nic Cage way of deducing things that he employs in “National Treasure,” especially considering I will be moving to the D.C. area in the fall and will probably have to help save the President’s life at some point.

But, besides the humor of the question, it has a valid point—What happened to Nicolas Cage? You could swap his name out for a number of people, celebrity or not. However, we often peg celebrities as those that believe they’re above all else, not having to do such things as paying taxes. It’s like some of them believe they are a superhuman group of people that don’t have to do the same things other humans do, such as paying taxes, staying faithful in a relationship, or any other myriad of human decency courtesies. But celebrities didn’t reach this mindset on their own—they were aided by the good ol’ help of the public audience who holds them in such high regards, believing they can do no wrong, or really are of a special type of people group.

Even though I’m totally obsessed with movies and TV shows and have a freakishly good memory when it comes to remembering the last movie an actor is when watching them in a different movie, I agree with my grandmother when she says she’s “tired of all the celebrity news coverage.” But, at the same time, you can’t help but wonder about actors like Nicolas Cage, especially when it comes to instances like this:

Here’s also a fantastic clip from SNL with Bradley Cooper and “Nicolas Cage.”


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