Keeping up with Friends (not the TV show)

True life confession: I’m not very good at keeping up with people.

I’m not really sure why, but it’s always been that way. Even though I have countless friends from undergrad, graduate school, my semester studying in D.C., and others that I love to keep in touch with, I’m lacking when it comes to acting on that desire.

For the past few weeks I’ve been meaning to call one of my good friends back, but kept forgetting time and time again. This girl was a major part of my college life, as she was my Big Sister in my sorority and my roommate my senior year. She moved to San Francisco a year ago, making it nearly impossible to see her in person anymore. When I finally remembered to call her back last night, I realized how easily it is to literally have no idea what a friend is going through unless you make the consistent effort to keep in touch—and that has to go both ways, something I’m trying to become better at doing.

To add to that, I went to visit my best-ever friend from college, Katie, over the weekend. We lived together our first two years at Union. We had slumber parties in the living room, random dance parties, and movie/TV show watching marathons (“Sex and the City” and The 40 Year Old Virgin were our favorites). We pledged the same sorority and there was a time there where we would talk on the phone every day during breaks from school.

However, for reasons that are all my own, I didn’t see her for close to a year during my last two years at Union. The other day I realized how silly that was, as she lived just a little over an hour from me. I had plenty of opportunities to visit her, I just never took them, and now I’m moving to Maryland, which puts a good 14 hours between us. I’m saddened by the several times I could have easily visited her and didn’t.

One of my favorite pictures from freshman year—Katie (center) and I with another good friend, Lyndsi, after a KD Spirit Meeting.

Katie and I this past weekend.

We went to see Bridesmaids while I was there, which was a freakin hilarious movie. But it also played on the strong bonds in relationships between girlfriends, relationships that are perhaps the greatest part about having close girlfriends. There are just some things you can tell girlfriends that you can’t tell others. And while maintaining a relationship with a significant other is obviously important, maintaining a relationship with those close girlfriends is important as well.

After the movie, she finally met Rahul, who I’ve been dating for a little over eight months. Rahul and I have been living around 8,000 miles apart for most of our relationship, yet have grown consistently closer and closer. Not only is he my boyfriend, but also my best friend. I’ve had countless people tell me how impressed they are by the fact that we have been able to maintain a such a good long-distance relationship, but I don’t even like to call it a “long-distance relationship.” I feel like calling it this puts it in another category from a regular relationship, and I feel like we have a relationship just like anyone else. We talk every day, watch movies together, share/discuss big life changes. I always tell those who make this comment that it’s really easy to do—you just have to want to do it, and both of us have wanted to do it. And that’s really all it takes.


One thought on “Keeping up with Friends (not the TV show)

  1. :) We were so young in that picture!! I can’t believe that was almost 6 years ago!! Visiting each other goes both ways, Kat. I had opportunities to make it up there, but I just let other things get in the way. Although there have been periods where we didn’t talk to each other, we have always remained just as close. That’s true friendship, girl! I don’t know what I would do without you!! Loves you!

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