Gaga over Bad Acting

I watched something on Friday night that disturbed me to my very core: the MTV Movie Awards.

I know I’m a bit behind on the awards, but I just watched them. My sister had them on during dinner and I got sucked in by Jason Sudeikis. The MTV Movie Awards are enjoyable in a very dependable kind of way, which is just what you need sometimes when you’re not in a let’s-figure-out-why-they’re-stuck-on-an-island-after-a-plane-crash kind of mood. Plus, I’m a sucker for movie awards. Rahul and I watched the Oscars together, after making bets the night before on who would win in each category—I got the most right.

But clearly I knew what to expect more from the Academy than I did from our nation’s youth because I was literally—LITERALLY—appalled by the results last night. But also at the same time, not. I’m one of those people that consistently has hope for the good in people, or the upside in something, and was once again disappointed in humanity.

When Twilight was just a book series, it was commendable because it was getting teenagers to read. I worked at Books-A-Million the summer Breaking Dawn was released and sold COUNTLESS copies of the book series to young girls—and even a few guys. Some showed up at the counter with just enough money for the books, clearly having just asked for some cash from their parents. Others told me the series was better than Harry Potter—so not true. But most were just excited to go home and read the books, which was refreshing and exciting to see.

However, I should have sensed the insane power these books have over the minds of teenagers after hearing stories of the fourth book’s midnight release party at BAM—girls dove over each other to take home the boxes the books had arrived in. A stampede occurred to snatch the poster from the release party. And that was three years ago. Multiply that craziness by the passing of time x three crappy movies with two on the way x movie stars that make girls practically pee in their pants = the MTV Movie Awards start to make a little more sense, in a pathetic, disappointing sort of way.

It appears that by today’s standards that you can win an award by pretty much doing nothing. The awkward acceptance speech Kristen Steward stumbled through for Best Actress was pretty much a repeat of her awkward performance in all the Twilight movies. The kiss between Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner was funny, but by the time the Twilight stars appeared on the stage for the upteenth time to accept the Best Movie award, I began to wonder if they realized how ridiculous it was that they won in so many categories where their contesters were CLEARLY better than them. Emma Watson was kick ass in Harry Potter 7.1. The fight from Inception was way better than the silly fight from Eclipse in the snow. Almost every category that The Social Network had a nomination, they should have placed in—except it was cute when Alexys Nycole Sanchez accepted her award for Best Line from a Movie, and I’m sure she won just by the cute factor. But I shudder to use that same reasoning for why Justin Bieber took home the Best Jaw Dropping Moment. The fact that he was even nominated in the first place in that category just makes me sad.

I will say that Reese Witherspoon rightfully deserved the Generation Award, and Emma Stone winning Best Comedic Performance over four guys was a clear testament to how hilarious she is—and how awesome some women can act. Let me be very clear when I say some women.

I could say I kept watching the awards merely to see the half-funny presentation speeches by various actors, but I won’t lie. I’ll be cliche and say it was like watching a train wreck or rubbing alcohol over a paper cut. I couldn’t look away. Part of me wanted to continually be shocked by the award winners just so I could continue to gripe over the sad state of our youth. I’m just glad I was a teenager when the Lord of the Rings series were the popular movies and the release of Harry Potter books merited Midnight Release parties. I don’t think I would make it as a teenager in a world where Kristen Stewart is an example of good acting.

But then again, what can I expect. It is MTV, after all.


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