Trekking from Tennessee to Georgia to Maryland and back again

I’m back home in Jackson after one jam-packed week.

Last weekend, we had our annual Family Reunion in Georgia, which included lots of time catching up with family, a hike to Amicalola Falls, the 3rd installment of the Family Reunion Play, and just a good weekend overall.

Whole gang at the Family Reunion.

My parents and I left Georgia early Sunday morning and arrived in College Park, Maryland around 8:30 pm that same night, a little weary and car-lagged from the trip. We made the trip so I could get to know the UMD campus a little bit, meet my advisor in the MFA program, and meet my boss for my new job. It was a long, yet successful trip. Not only was I able to mark several things off my checklist while at UMD’s campus, but we were also able to spend a little time in Washington, D.C. itself, only a 20 minute metro ride into the heart of the city from the college campus.

To sum up the week:

Monday: Met with my future boss. I will be working as a Student Affairs Residential Fellow with the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life. While I’m sad I won’t be teaching, I’m super excited about embarking on a new employment opportunity and tackling new challenges. One exciting part is that my boss was also a Kappa Delta at UMD and was able to show me around the KD house on the university’s campus.

KD Zeta Beta's Spring 2006 Shamrock Fundraiser

Tuesday: Rode the metro into the city with my parents. We visited the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, Chinatown, the Portrait Gallery, shopped at H&M, and ended with a delicious dinner at an Irish pub in Silver Spring.

God bless the Irish.

Wednesday: Met with my advisor in the MFA Program, where I learned that my future Fiction Writing workshop professors have published several books. Thank you,! I may not order clothes online, but I love ordering books online. Also, found out I will be starting the program with eight other fiction writers.

CHECK OUT: Maud Casey’s Genealogy and Howard Norman’s What is Left the Daughter

Thursday: LONG DAY! Visited the Newseum and the FBI Museum. I was museumed out by the end of the day.

From my first visit to the Newseum on its Opening Day, Spring 2008. We told some of the employees that we were journalist students in D.C., since we heard they were letting journalists in early, and it worked! We beat the huge crowd by 30 minutes. Me, Jess, Ashley, and Jez with the Berlin Wall.

Friday: Witnessed my dad almost run over several pedestrians in our efforts to find the Trader Joe’s in Foggy Bottom. Lunched in Richmond, VA and visited the Edgar Allen Poe Museum, which I visited three years ago when working as an Asst. Director for the Edgar Allen Poe Young Writer’s Conference. Had dinner in Winston-Salem, NC.

Dr. Poe and I with some of the kiddes from the conference.

Saturday: Lunched in Asheville, NC, after visiting the Thomas Wolfe museum and before walking through an awesome Arts & Crafts festival. I LOVE THIS CITY! I definitely want to go back and visit. Ended the day in Knoxville, TN with dinner at the Downtown Grill & Brewery.

Asheville is awesome!

My brain is a little tired, legs a little cramped from the car, and body a little blah from the break in my regular exercise schedule, but I’m even more excited about starting school and my new job in the fall, even though work begins August 1—three days after I get back from India. And speaking of India, the car ride gave me plenty of time to pour through my India Lonely Planet book and work more on my Hindi lessons. I’m literally counting down the days until I leave, even though I don’t want to skip through my last few days in Jackson before leaving the country, as they are pretty much my last days in Jackson before I move altogether.


2 thoughts on “Trekking from Tennessee to Georgia to Maryland and back again

  1. Kat–My “robust” driving in DC occurred when I was in search of the much treasured White House Easter Egg from the official White House store and no pedestrians were ever in serious danger!!

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