“What the hell is ‘me time’?”

I had for two hours this morning and only got through thirty pages of Joseph Conrad’s Nostromo. Yep, school is definitely back in session.

After being in Maryland for a month for job training, I finally started classes two weeks ago. I’ve had three Fiction Workshops and so far still have all my limbs and writing capabilities intact. So maybe I didn’t have to be so scared about starting my MFA after all.

I did have to purchase 18 books for this semester and, so far, have only made it through a combined 1 book (Falling Man) + 1/2 book (The God of Small Things) + 1/8 book (Nostromo). It’s going to be a slow process. But I figure because I have been in school since I was 5 years old, I can continue on with a regulated study schedule, once I get over the urge to watch to watch Law & Order: SVU on TV instead of reading and writing (no arithmetic). If I graduate with my MFA in 2013, I will have been in school for 21 years. Kind of adds a different twist to the meaning of those numbers, doesn’t it? And believe me, I will celebrate like I did when I turned 21, even though I love being in school.

Being a “House Mom” is proving to be lots of fun. The boys are really sweet and make me laugh. I’m already finding that I get excited when they reach successes, which I am assuming is a good sign on my part. The last SARF (Student Affairs Residential Fellow) of Pike told me she would go and sit with the boys for a couple of hours whenever she was stressed from school work because it was the best way to relax. I’m already finding this to be true. I’ve never lived with boys, and now I have 31 in my house, which is completely entertaining.

My new home!

I will write more when I get a little more time to do things that are not school or work related. I still have more I want to say about India, especially since everytime I look at my plane ticket sitting on my desk, I desperately want to be back there again. In the meantime, I’m going to have a combined mix of Conrad + writing + movie date with Rahul (it’s long needed!) + Homecoming meetings + cleaning (almost no clean coffee cups left) + lunches with the guys + SARF meeting + football game on Saturday. Gotta buy my Maryland shirt to rep the team!

Side note: I titled the post this not only because I love Madea, but also because this is a good line to repeat to myself when I get stressed out. Only because it’s funny when she says it and makes laugh. But then I get the urge to watch a Madea movie instead of do homework…oh, well.


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