Three Cups of Coffee

Oh my goodness. I have just had two of the most delicious cups of coffee and I’m seriously contemplating returning for a third with hopes that it doesn’t make me look like a coffee-holic. But I think I already sort of have that title anyway (7 cups of coffee on Saturday says so) so I may just go for it.

It’s Tuesday, so I’m at Qualia Coffee in D.C. I found it online and was intrigued because

Qualia Coffee. I suggest you visit if you are in the D.C. area, great for reading/studying!

1. Internet reviews had it listed as the best coffee in D.C. 2. It looks fun and 3. It’s less than a five minute walk from the Georgia Ave metro, which allows me a quick return to campus for counting Homecoming t-shirts this afternoon.Part of my job has me working as the Greek Homecoming week advisor, and we just received our 2,500+ t-shirt order and have to count through all those shirts. Bring. It. On.

They play fun music!

I was the only one here when I first arrived at Qualia, after passing a group of girls throwing around a slew of cuss words on the metro escalator and a Ron Swanson look-a-like. One of the guys working recommended the Brazilian blend, and then later the Ethiopian blend, which were both excellent. All the coffees have descriptions about the flavors they release, which I generally ignore at coffee shops, but since they roast their own beans, the descriptions came through this time. The granola scone did not disappoint and I didn’t get that


“toooo muuuchhhh breeeadddd” feeling I usually do when I eat scones. So all that + fiction writing homework completed + an hour left to write for pleasure + good music + breeze from the open door and non-crowdy coffee shop feel = happy.

On a sliiightly related note, I love autumn, and the weather is slowly making its way in that direction. I’m worried that being in a colder place will result in less fall and more winter; either way, the fact that I can wear my 25+ scarves again without sweating profusely is good with me. October is a wonderful month. Fall weather, Halloween movies, Fall Break—what more could you ask for? Except this year I don’t get a Fall break, but I’m compensating for that with Rahul’s birthday next week, a visit from the parents for theMaryland Homecoming (can’t wait!), good books on the reading list

Fun art in front of where I was sitting

for my classes, (excited for Never Let Me Go at the end of the month), a 5 mile race on Oct. 22 with Rachel, and more free time at the end of the month after Homecoming is over.

Plus, started the month of right with celebrating my one-year with Rahul (even if it was technically two days before), an end of September MFA Dinner Party (WONDERFUL Indian food, thanks to Kshiti!), dinner with a friend/coworker and her husband at Sardi’s, a Peruvian restaurant in CP, and a visit to Annapolis with my awesome friend Mary Beth, who I’ve known for a while now—girl rushed me the week I joined Kappa Delta, back when I still had the awkward hair and couldn’t hold very good conversations with people without resorting to “do you like to do things too…?” I loved the New-Englandy/Stars Hollow/Gatlinburg, TN but only better feel of Annapolis and will definitely be visiting again.

Going for the third cup. Kenyon blend will be a nice way to end the morning…I’m just all over the world today.


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