What Fall Brings: Homecoming Week and Pumpkin Flavored Things

Ladies and gents, it’s here: University of Maryland Homecoming 2011.

I know you’ve all been waiting for this week with anticipation, abated breath in fear that the week will never arrive. But fear not. Homecoming is well underway, and it’s only Tuesday.

As I’ve said, part of my job has me working as the Greek Homecoming Week advisor, which meant I had to advise the Greek Homecoming week committee, pick out events for each day of the week, make purchases ranging from tubs for the marbles-in-ice-search (part of Olympics) to 78 quart size cans of paint. It’s been an interesting task to take on. I took on the Homecoming/Greek Week special project not really knowing exactly what it would entail. Luckily I had one of my friend/co-workers helping me, in addition to an awesome committee comprised of Greek undergraduate students (that’s your shout-out, Alex Marsh. Are you satisfied?).

All that being said, the Athletics part of Homecoming week is starting this afternoon. I also have a meeting with my Fiction Writing professor at 12:45, so instead of journeying to a coffee shop in D.C., I decided to stay close to home, walking to the Starbucks near campus for a pick-me-up, devoting these few hours to Fiction Writing homework.

The nice thing about this Starbucks is that it’s really big and has lots of tables. If you’re in the College Park area, it’s not a bad place to study, at certain parts of the day–definitely busy in late afternoon/early evening.

Yummy pumpkin cream cheese muffin and grande latte. Also, finally added Two Door Cinema Club to the music library, def worth a listen.

If you’e all about being hipster and pretending you’re too good for Starbucks, just look past the green logo and enjoy a latte while pounding out your homework before going to class. The Fall drinks and snacks are back, and I’m a big fan of anything pumpkin.

I tried a pumpkin beer Saturday night at Rahul’s sister’s birthday celebration (and now it’s his birthday today!! I love birthdays), which was like a party in my mouth. The best thing about Starbucks though is that I have a gift card graciously given to me by the sweet boys I live with a few weeks ago. They knocked on my door one night and surprised me by all crowding in the hallway to hand me a card and gift card. It absolutely made my night.

I’ve been doing the House Director thing for a little over a month now and I have to say I love it, in a way I didn’t expect I would. I came into this job knowing a lot of things, but with no experience in R.A. life or even in living with boys. I’ve had the best time so far. They are all so funny and sweet and have made for an awesome, fun living experience. I actually get excited to return home or to eat lunch in the basement with them, which I know is a good sign–when I was teaching, I would get similarly excited about seeing my students, signaling to me that I must really like them and the act of teaching. And even though I do miss teaching, I get to come home every day to 31 boys who never fail to make me laugh about something or don’t mind just sitting down to have a conversation, no matter the time of day.

A few of the awesome guys who live in my house!


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