Fall Fun

Thoughts Related to Autumn:

1. I love D.C. for many reasons and one of those new reasons is CUPCAKES.

Sprinkles DC

If you’ve ever been to D.C., you’ll know there’s an abundance of cupcake-ries. This is probably true for many large cities, but I’m sticking with the one that I know more about. Cupcakes are “in” lately, showing up in more wedding pictures than cute family babies. Which is delightful, because cupcakes are delicious.

Vanilla, Strawberry, Black & White, and Peanut Butter Chip : )

One of my supervisors sent me a code for four free cupcakes at Sprinkles in Georgetown (another reason why I love my job) so I traveled with two friends/coworkers who also had cupcake codes so we could all retrieve our free cupcakes. Even though we were only in D.C. less than 30 minutes, it was nice to get out of College Park for a little bit. It was also perfect weather for cupcake-getting, the three of us leaving with a combined total of 15 cupcakes (3 x 4 free ones + 2 Rachel purchased ones + 1 given for free to Rachel = 15). Cupcake people are nice and smile and their frosting makes you feel good about life inside.

2. One of the nice things about attending a large university is the variety of activities you witness on campus. So far, I have seen the Quidditch club practicing twice on the lawn in front of the library. That’s right, Maryland has a Quidditch team. As an enormous Harry Potter fan, this is highly amusing to me. But at the same time, there’s something odd about watching college students running around with fake brooms (just long sticks) throwing Quidditch sized-balls around. I’m still unsure what they’re using for the Snitch (I’ve heard at another campus where this took place, the Snitch was a person, which I think is a good idea), but if it accidentally gets swallowed Harry Potter style during a match, that will be an awkward health hazard that won’t be easily fixed by the magic from someone’s wand. Plus, while it’s normal to see groups of people playing sports on campus, seeing a Quidditch match is comparable to spotting someone wearing a Halloween costume on the 360 days when it’s not Halloween (that’s right, Halloween gets five days).

3. Speaking of Halloween, the guys had a Haunted House Friday afternoon for KidPower, an organization that operates out of D.C. for children of underprivileged communities. Even though they hit some road bumps while setting up the house (a fire alarm and fire truck response team was involved),

A few of the "stars" of the Haunted House with some of the kids.

the Haunted House ended up being a HUGE hit. The kids were way more scared/amused by the house than the guys expected, entering the house on one side and exiting on the other in a flurry of running and screaming. I counted the event as a success and was way proud of what the guys were able to put together.

For more pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/68673910@N06/sets/72157627905467377/


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