I Need an Umbrella

Last week I realized something startling—I’m 24 years old, working on my second masters, and still wear my 2007 Kappa Delta Semi-Formal rain jacket and bright pink rain boots when it’s raining outside.

On the surface level, this doesn’t seem so bad. But when I’m sitting in my Fiction writing professor’s office, awkwardly taking off my rain jacket in front of her because the dang thing made me hot on the walk from my house to her office, I realize I may need to reassess my wardrobe and accessories. Even though I love my rain jacket and boots, they don’t exactly scream “adult.”

A rainy day in Jaipur, India. I hadn't been able to find my rain jacket before leaving for their trip, which was saddening as I had to revert to my non-umbrella ways.

My problem with umbrellas:

  • They usually look ridiculous, especially if you don’t match your outfit with the umbrella (which I never do).
  • The break easily.
  • You’re paying money for essentially decorated plastic and metal—more money if you get one of the fancy ones that opens on its own from just the push of a button.
  • Rihanna.
  • You can’t walk easily through a crowd, especially if everyone else has an umbrella.
  • They’re not sharable! I don’t care how big the thing is, it’s not easy to walk with someone else under the

    When it rains in India, it more often than not floods.

    same piece of plastic, especially if it’s raining hard. On a rainy day in Delhi, Rahul fashioned a poncho out of two pieces of plastic he got at the National Gallery of Modern Art simply because my skimpy umbrella wasn’t big enough.

I would rather hood up and walk across campus then add an umbrella to the things I have to carry, as I’m already clumsy as it is. But for the sake of upping my attire, I need an umbrella. I already have non-bright pink boots. One step at a time.

I’ve been using the same umbrella since 2008, when I lived in the D.C. area for the first time. Today I used an umbrella I took from the Pike house after thinking my crappy umbrella had disappeared (only to find it later in my bedroom). And it’s an alright umbrella, with the fancy easy-open button, but it’s not mine. If I’m going to get serious about this, I need to spend some time shopping.

At the same time, the borrowed umbrella may be the way to go if I decide to abandon this train of thought and return to my old ways.


One thought on “I Need an Umbrella

  1. Ha, I laughed out loud when you said Rihanna!
    I’m right there with you. I’ve tried so many umbrella’s over the years and they all break after they’ve been used about three times and I always end up going back to my trusty waterproof jacket!
    And I’ve got another thing to add to your list. There completely useless if there’s any sort of wind. Which, lets face it, if there’s rain there’s usually wind, haha! :)

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