“Home, Let Me Come Home!”

Nanny teaches my dad how to make an Old Fashioned.

There are several reasons why going home is great. Not just going home, but going home during Holiday season:

Family! My sister picked me up from a friend’s in Nashville and I pretty much bummed it at home hanging out with my parents, watching movies, and helping my grandfather set up an iTunes account. Who would ever use Windows Media Player?

Rayne is the UNO Master.

Friends! One of my best college friends, Alex, picked me up at the airport and after a delicious lunch in Whiskey Kitchen, we hung out with her amazingly calm dog, Rayne, who wanted to play UNO. There’s also a picture of Rayne and I napping on the couch, but that’s not making it on here. : ) Then lunch on Satuday with my best longest friend, Lydia.

FOOD FOOD FOOD! Oh my gosh I have eaten so much. Obviously the Thanksgiving day feast—apparently my family really likes casseroles—but also sushi at Sakura

Oh, My. YUM.

in Jackson on Saturday, the best sushi around, only to come home and make homemade chex mix and toffee that afternoon. Two holiday snack must-haves, especially when you’re…

Homemade Chex Mix. This the stuff, y'all.

Paper writing. I feel so-so about this one, mostly because I feel so-so about what I’ve written so far. But I love the topic I’m writing on—Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale and Kazuo Ishiguro’ Never Let Me Go—so maybe that love will transform my paper into greatness.

My carry-on bag was completely full of books.

Shopping. At midnight Black Friday morning to help my dad collect doorbusters for his company’s Christmas Party. TVs. Computers. The stuff people go bat-shit crazy over. Enough. Said. Also a mini-trip to Old Navy the next day to copy cat my sister on some exercise pants she bought, but I decided against at the last minute.

(belongs above) S.U.S.H.I.

Non-awkward conversations. I visited Rahul’s parents to retrieve some things he sent back with them on their recent trip to India for a wedding. I haven’t seen them since his sister’s wedding, a year ago, and I usually get super, duper awkward around people I don’t know that well. But it turned out to be a great conversation, not awkward at all, and I also got presents from boyfriend—it’s a win-win.

Pets! I told one of the guys in my house last week I was excited to go home to see my pets and

Bella tries to help write but instead relaxes. Such a cat.

he said you mean your family right? And I said “You can’t talk to your pets on the phone!” Which is true. Bella, my favorite white cat, was my snuggle buddy while I was home, in addition to trying to help me write my paper. What a sweetie.


One thought on ““Home, Let Me Come Home!”

  1. Wow. I’ve not only read ‘The Handmaid’s Tale,’ I’ve also written a paper on it (grad school). I always have a bag full of books when I travel and I have a white cat named Roxie who might be Bella’s twin. We are awesome! Great post – looks like a great Thanksgiving!

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