Why I Love Right Now

Today my boss asked me if I was still happy with choosing the University of

Rachel and I on Skits night.

Maryland for my MFA. The question came up in our conversation about one of the showers in my house running all night long because it wouldn’t turn off (another story altogether), and my answer for her was absolutely. In a nutshell, I love my program and my job.

I started thinking about this more when I was running today. There’s a nice lake near the row that makes for a good 4ish mile run, and it’s also dang pretty too. There’s ducks and sometimes cute kids and the trail doesn’t get super crowded. December 1st marks not only Christmas month, but also one of the most stressful times of the year. For college students, it’s the stress of finals and last-ditch efforts to make good grades. For real adults (I don’t consider myself a real adult yet), it’s Christmas present buying time, some people reaching economic lows. And for everyone, spirits can get low due to shorter days and colder weather. So I thought I would write down a few reasons why I love right now, and maybe you’ll find a few you agree with too.

  1. Christmas cousins last year! (The Wizard of Oz costumes were gifts)

    It’s Christmas season! Christmas lights, movies, music, Starbucks drinks, Starbucks cups, Christmas elves, sometimes snow, Christmas commercials, family time, Christmas snacks, SANTA.

  2. Christmas in the D.C. area. White House Christmas Tree, Zoolights at the National Zoo, yes please.
  3. Catching up with old friends and hanging out with new friends.
  4. Coffee in the early morning sunrise.
  5. Taking a walk across campus. I can’t explain it, but I love college campuses. Especially this one, where Nicolas Cage filmed National Treasure 2.

    UMD's Mall with the parents, also where Nic Cage was!

  6. Winter clothes. Scarves? Vests? Scarves? Fun coats? Scarves!?! Yes please. Yes.
  7. Running outside. It’s so much better when it’s a bit nippy. Try it! But be sure to gear up first. : )
  8. D.C.! Living close to one of the best cities in the country is a huge plus. Not just that, living 30 minutes or less from D.C., Annapolis, and  Baltimore provides me with TONS of options of places to go and lots of places to Christmas shop.
  9. Fun holiday activities with friends. Tacky sweater Christmas parties, regular Christmas parties, art & wine classes (thanks Groupon!).
  10.  The people in my life! Definitely not last on my list, but definitely those that make my life amazing. You all know who you are. : )

Christmas Party with Cape friends last year!

And an honorable mention goes to…

That crazy Christmas Target lady. You. are. ridiculous.

Twenty-five days until Christmas, y’all! Like Rihanna says, don’t let the bastards get you down. But really. Don’t let the holiday season drag you into a dark hole of depression. No matter what, you can always find something good about this season. Sometimes more than one good thing. : )


4 thoughts on “Why I Love Right Now

  1. I like that Nicholas Cage was tagged in your blog post. Now when I do my weekly tag search for good ole Nick, your blog will come up.

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