What to Do When Your Brain is Distracted

I’ve had a lot on my mind this weekend (more on that to come at a later date). Like on my mind to the point that I can’t concentrate when I’m reading. Good thing most of my classes are close to being over, otherwise I would not be in a good place.

So what do I do when my brain is distracted?

1. Drive to Shopper’s to buy the stuff needed to make these for my staff Holiday party.

2. Eat.

The beginning...

...The end!

3. Go to an Art by the Glazz class in Silver Spring with two of my close friends (co-workers?). This was pretty excellent. I’m not a painter, but by the end of the class I had myself a good ol’ painted canvas. It doesn’t look exaaactly like the picture we were provided, but I still like it. Plus, it was fun. So in addition to crazy bookshelves in my future house, I also want an art room. I think Rahul will totally be okay with this. And in addition, wine??? Yes. Yes please.

Yeah, it was good.

4.Insane amounts of delicious ice cream. Thanks, Friendly’s.

5. Sleeping in.

6. Christmas movies with someone you love. Rahul and I have a list going and started with Die Hard this morning. It’s a classic Christmas movie. Plus, Rahul is pretty excellent in general and helps me feel better about stuff.

7. Exercise. One of the best ways to relieve stress/brain distractions/anything in general. Did the book reading/elliptical routine this morning; tomorrow, it’s a 5k hosted by Pike and two other organizations.

Walked through the National Portrait Gallery and thought this made for a pretty cute picture. I was able to successfully take it without anyone noticing me slightly creeping.

Starbucks is at its best at Christmastime.

Flea Market Time.

8. D.C.! I’ve been really needing an excursion into the city. Like bad, bad. Hit up Urban Outfitters in Chinatown for some Christmas shopping (that store has every ridiculous thing you’ve ever thought of making), then Potbelly for lunch (YUM). Next, I went to the Atrium in the National Portrait Gallery to read/make sure it was as nice as I remembered as I suggested it to my “Pod” (group of me and three other people I work with) that we go there for a work planning session this coming Thursday. When I left the Portrait Gallery, I was met by a temporary flea market on F Street—just another reason I love D.C., its surprises. Followed by a trip to Starbucks for a peppermint white chocolate before metroing back home. I love the metro. That part is actually a plus for me.

Russian on the bottom of the metro screen? Unclear.

9. Christmas online shopping (thanks Apple and Urban Outfitters) in addition to shifting my Starbucks gift cards around so I can work toward reaching Gold level (something I had forgotten about until Rachel brought it up last night).

10. Writing this while eating a bagel with olive oil. Ideally, this would be nicer bread with olive oil (think Italian restaurant), but my bread was going green and, while this is a positive phrase when it concerns recycling and electricity, it’s not in terms of food. Thank god for leftover bagels from the week. Sometimes I miss my Italian family and like to pretend I’m fancy.


3 thoughts on “What to Do When Your Brain is Distracted

  1. Oh gads that dessert looks amazing! I’m on brain overload right now. I think I’ve read 50 interviews about my boss’ book. They now float around in front of me in my sleep.

    Exercise is definitely a good way to relieve stress. Yoga is fantastic and I really should get back to doing more of it.

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