Some of the Weirdest or Funniest Things I’ve Ever Seen


So sometimes I really think there’s a Big Brother out there. Occasionally Rahul and I will be talking about a certain movie and the next day it will be on TV. I’ll suddenly have a thought about an actor who I haven’t seen in a movie/TV show in a while and then suddenly that person will pop up on whatever program I’m watching. It’s weird.

All that to say, a few days ago I was thinking of writing a blog about the weirdest things I’ve ever seen and a few hours later this crossed my path when I was walking to class:

So I’ve decided I’m going to post some pictures of the weirdest or funniest things I’ve ever seen. I know they may not be as weird as things other people have seen, or maybe they’re far weirder. Either way, they are all things that have made me laugh, or realize how oddly beautiful life can be.

Women and llamas. (#1)

1. Women with llamas at an East Tennessee GAS STATION. Rahul and I stopped for snacks on our drive from Tennessee to D.C. and saw these women I guess walking the llamas for a bathroom break? Either way, they loaded them in a VAN after a few minutes and drove off.

Hello, plastic legs. (#2)

2. Mannequin legs at a bar. I guess the rest of her body was having a drink while the band played. I wonder how she felt about her legs being passed around.

There were even auditions for this. (#3)

3.Anyone need a Rosh Hashanah date? These were plastered around campus for weeks. The best part is I later found out this girl was actually someone who worked on my Homecoming Committee. I never asked her if she did find a date.

I didn't name him. (#4)

4. This donkey really wanted to be my friend. He creeped on me while I was reading waiting for the sun to rise at Pangong Lake. I’d never had a donkey stand so close to me before. He later knocked over my chair and followed me to our tent when I went to wake up Rahul.

Unclear where it attached on... (#5)

5. Part human, part cat? This was spotted at the Iowa Jima Memorial. Coincidentally, a lot of these pictures are taken near or in D.C. I don’t know what that says about the nation’s capital…

That's one way to advertise your need... (#6)

Cre-epy. (#7)

6. Anyone need a lawyer? I saw this car multiple times one day in my hometown.

7. Bendable Sarah Palin. Enough said.

Liff is good. (#8)

8.Road signs in Ladakh get a category all to themselves. Spell check is not a thing of their world, but humor is. Don’t you just love liff?

DAY-UMM (#9)

9. One BIG ASS liquor bottle (Dupont Circle).

Self-expression still exists. (#10)

10. Sometimes it just needs to be said…again, D.C.

AHHHHH! (#11)

11. Seeing the BK King in person is way creepy.

12.Wax Nicolas Cage. Really, wax people in general. It’s just not natural.

So confused. (#14)

13. I don’t think Jesus is supposed to be this creepy….

14. I don’t know where in the South/West this picture is supposedly depicting, but where I come from we don’t ride bunnies…

Again, D.C....(#13)

15. Annnnd the last picture is just for fun. Molly will probably kill me when she sees it. But this is literally one of the best pictures that has ever been known to man.

No. (#12)

That’s what I call good timing on behalf of whoever was taking the picture (probably my Dad).

And speaking of my dad, he took this pretty excellent picture in Italy. He also took around 2,000 more pictures. I was surprised his camera card didn’t burst.

One of my favorites. (#15)

I’ll end this with a creepy story of which I wish I had a picture—I was bike riding once in Cape on some Missouri back country roads. It was toward the end of my ride, and I was really tired of the seat poking into my butt, so I guess I was sitting on the bike funny. This man goes by on a motorcycle, looks at me, and then several feet in front of me slows down and pulls to the side of the road. When I passed him stopped, he reached into his console, held out a gatorade, and said all creepy like, “Are you thirsty?” Let’s just say I high-tailed it out of there. It was comparable to seeing a clown take off their mask, or Darth Vader’s real face.

Dad's Italy picture...Caesar with porta-potties. As my dad said, "When you gotta go, you gotta go."


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