I Have a Sweater Problem

Heap o' sweaters

It’s true, folks. I have a sweater problem.

This fact truly resonated with me yesterday after buying two sweaters for myself while I was supposed to be Christmas shopping for others. This semester alone, I’ve bought at least 7 sweaters and I love all of them. I wear my Gap gray sweatshirt with a zipper on the collar (it only unzips about three inches, the guys said unzipping it was for when I was feeling crazy) with literally everything. My striped blue and white shirt gets matched with literally everything I wear. I like sweaters.

Think about them–you can mix and match, get creative depending on whether or not they’re open or closed sweaters (or whatever the appropriate term is here), layer on top of almost anything. I guess that explains why I have close to 40 different sweaters of varying styles.

Now I know to some of you that may not be a lot; to others, it could be a ridiculous amount. I’ve known for a while that my sweater collection was going, but it’s truly piked in the last year. Seriously. I would say about half the sweaters I own were purchased within the last year. I don’t know if I’ve either 1) find a lot of good deals, 2) changed my style considerably, and/or 3) suffered from memory loss and forgotten my last sweater purchase by the time I make my next one. Of course, that wouldn’t really explain yesterday’s purchases.

I need Mary Poppins' help to make this work.

My other problem currently is packing. This time around is a special exception, as half my suitcase is occupied by Christmas presents.  But when you’re packing in the winter, and unsure about what the weather will decide to do (it’s already snowed twice in my Tennessee hometown, which NEVER happens), sweaters and scarfs (of which I probably have 25) become a staple. But even then, there’s the question about the pea coat and if you suffer through the hassle of wearing it through airport security, or wrinkling it by stuffing it into the suitcase.

These are my concerns now that the semester is over. But I need a (mostly) trivial concern to occupy me right now to detox from a semester of English overload. It’s the PhD students that do me in. NO OFFENSE, seriously, but when you use words like Eco-American centrism, then we have a problem.

The TN tree with the Washington Monument!

In other news, I survived my first Beltway MD-VA driving experience. I went to Tysons Corner to shop, which has an American Girl Doll store (YES) and also took about an hour to drive back home from due to stop and go traffic. But I also crossed most everything off my shopping list.


Hello, huge tree.










My "Pod"--two other girls I work with and our advisor. Picture quality is most likely due to the fact that this is a picture of a picture (I get creative when I have to).


2 thoughts on “I Have a Sweater Problem

    • Hmmm….I think I have that same goldenrod sweater from UO, sarf twin day in the making. And, I spend about 15 minutes the other day explaining to Sean what an American Girl Doll. I’m pretty sure he still thinks it’s just some doll that can be bought at Wal-Mart.

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