It Really is a Wonderful Life


I have been looking forward to this Christmas break since…I don’t know, the email to my parents where I said “I can’t wait to come home.” This was the first year where I didn’t get to spend a sufficient amount of time home before Christmas Day and, I know that’s a sign of becoming a legit adult or whatever, but this was one of those Christmas seasons where I was ready to be home. Long story short, but the fraternity I have been working for/living with lost their university recognition, and it was simply a painful process leading up to the semester’s end. I really grew to like them, and I’m not a super big fan of instability in my life. Those two combined led to a stressful end of my first MFA semester.

But everything is good in life when you’re home for the holidays. And when your boyfriend SURPRISES YOU in Tennessee when you think he’s still in India. That sneaky, wonderful man got one of my best friends to get me to come down to Memphis for the day only to show up himself with flowers. I had just talked to him on the phone, so I was blown away that he was actually standing in front of me. All in all, both are reasons for a great holiday season:


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