I Went to Four Airports Yesterday

Yesterday was long and sad. It also included me traveling to four airports. That’s right, four. Four airports in one day, six airports in four days. By the end of this week, 10 airports in two weeks.

Sure, some of them are repeats, but every time a visit to an airport is made, I believe it still counts.

A picture from our Starbucks goodbye over the summer. Chose this picture because I wish it was as warm outside right now.

Rahul and I went to D.C. over the weekend to visit his sister and ring in 2012 (aka the year of the Mayans) together. This was the first year I spent the New Year’s NOT at my parents’ annual party—I’m not lame or anything, my parents just know how to throw a kickass party—and I told him he better show me a good time. And of course, being the wonderful boyfriend he is, he did.

It really worked out great because he was able to visit me in Maryland for the first time. He then said whatever we did on New Year’s Day would set the tone for the rest of our year. And what did we do? Lounge around his sister’s all day watching TV shows, of course. Which, in my mind, is this year’s way of telling us to relax more.

But, back to the subject of this post—four airports. I’ve never had much of a reason to fly before, but living in Maryland has provided more opportunities for going Up in the Air. And I have to say, I’m getting kind of good at it. I even now have one of those suitcases that wheels in all four directions and makes me look like a legit traveler. Sure, I still get anxious when it comes to being at my gate extra early for my departure time, but I don’t look like a fool anymore going through security.

I don't know what this is, but thought it was cool (BWI).

So yesterday I drove Rahul to DCA for his flights back to India (sad sad). We shared a piece of lemon pound cake, which is what we shared at Starbucks the last time he flew back from the states to India, so I’m thinking we now have to make that our official departure food. Anyway, it was really sad to see him go and I did my best not to cry (which was not the case when I flew back from India). One.

I'm telling you. OLD. But still convenient.

I barely had time to pack before jetting off again for BWI only to find out right after my arrival that my first flight had

Charlotte Airport.

been delayed. This gave me plenty of time to get to know BWI and read a ton of pages of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on my Mom’s old as heck Kindle, as I had essentially arrived three hours early for a flight that was now delayed so much it caused me to miss my connecting flight. Two.

Charlotte Airport. Shout outs to the Wright brothers.

The Charlotte airport is awesome. Definitely didn’t mind having an unexpected longish layover here. There was this beautiful big lobby area with Christmas stuff and planes everywhere. Plus, there was a TEENAGER playing the piano like a freakin’ music expert. I wanted to call out requests, but I didn’t want to throw him off his game. Not only that, but they also had wicker rocking chairs and personal attendants in the bathroom with peppermints available. The South, I tell ya’.

This kid was kicking ass playing the piano.

We know how to be hospitable, even right down to the free wi-fi. Three.

Memphis still gets me with its bathrooms doubling as tornado shelters. I guess safety first. The airport was super depressing at 9 pm at night, but I was happy to see 1) the gate I departed from to Delhi and 2) my parents waiting for me. Four.

So even though I was just traveling within the states, I felt like I had added several notches to my traveling belt by the end of the day, and rightfully so.


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