Killing Fruit Flies with Windex

For the past two days, it’s been a bloody war between me and the fruit fly infestation in my apartment. I discovered yesterday that flies really will fly into and drown in a glass of wine, so for two nights in a row I left out a glass with just enough wine in the bottom that the little suckers would drown. Last night, I strategically placed this glass in my bathroom so they would collect in there. The wine got the majority of the flies, and I was left with my weapon of choice to get the rest: Windex.

Excellent book Capitol Hill Books

I spent half the morning spraying fruit flies with the stuff anytime I went near the bathroom and I think I got most of them. I felt kind of sad watching them succumb so easily to the Windex’s jet stream, but not really. At least I can finally eat in my apartment again without them driving me crazy. Plus, Windex proved to be a multi-purpose tool, as Gus Portokalos endorsed.

Pound the Hill

YUMMM! I love latte designs. And good biscotti. Yes to both.

I finally had a mostly productive day today where I did things I wanted to do, like going for a much-needed run and venturing into D.C. I hit up the Capitol Hill used bookstore again to search for the few books I still need to get for the spring semester. I only found one of them and nearly knocked over a huge stack of books in the

You know you have a good latte when the foam sticks to the biscotti like this.

process, as the book was of course at the bottom of it. But this was made up for by the shop owner yelling “Heresy!” when I told him I had ordered most of the books I needed online. And by the way, if you sold me a book on (specifically The Lover because I need it, like, NOW) then please send it to me. Please? No more lies about saying your shipping it and then it still not having arrived like 15 days later.

Awesome wall map.

Pound the Hill

I added to my list of coffee shops to visit at the end of last semester and today visited Pound the Hill in Eastern Market. I loved this coffee shop!

So. beautiful.

The reviews online for it were mixed, but I thought it was totally relaxed, had plenty of seating, and delicious coffee and snacks. I was able to order right away and found a nice two-person table in the back sitting area near this awesome, enormous map of the world. One of my goals for January (as UMD doesn’t start back until 1/25) was to write and submit to magazines, and I was able to accomplish both of those things today. Plus, was aided by Mumford & Sons and delicious raspberry walnut biscotti.

If you’re in the D.C. area, I totally recommend Pound the Hill. Who knows, maybe I just visited it at a good time, but I’m definitely adding this coffee shop to my list of places to visit again.

This + surprisingly mild weather=perfect walk.

After that, the sun was setting, so instead of walking back to the Eastern Market metro, I zig-zagged through the city to the Union Station metro instead. This allowed me to walk right by the Capitol. One of the reasons I love D.C. is because you can walk from an area like Eastern Market, with coffee shops and small restaurants, to the back door

Hello, Union Station.

of the Capitol and other government buildings, with townhouses and residential areas mixed in between. Honestly, I think people who live in D.C. should wake up everyday thankful that they live in such an amazing place. Hopefully that is what’s happening, occasionally. I know it would be for me.

So, today=good day. Minus the whole Apple-headphones-being-difficult-and-not-staying-in-my-ears. Damn things.

Goodnight, Capitol.


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