So This One Time, 50 Geese Hung Out on the Field in Front of My House


As you may have guessed if you’ve been reading, I’m a fan of all things weird and unusual in terms of the nuances of day-to-day life. I’m usually not the one doing the weird or unusual things, as I am a bit of a planner/over-organizer, but I enjoy witnessing the unusual around me. So that’s why yesterday I got overly excited when I noticed a flock of geese had landed on the field in the middle of the row where I live.

At first, it was around 36 geese but eventually grew to over 50 in number (yes I counted). For hours, geese were flying to and from the field, just chilling and flapping their wings and making noises at each other. I’ve seen geese at the lake near my house, but seeing them flock to a field is not as normal as seeing them on a lake, which seems more like their natural habitat. But I suppose this field was also once their natural habitat, before the university took it over. Sorry, geese.

Just to give you an idea of how close they were—this was taken from my window without a zoom. With my own bronze goose/duck in the windowsill. Yes, I know, I got way too excited over this.

Apparently the geese do this often too—they seek out the grassy spot amid the snow and ice. My friend Cassie finds them gross, but I think they’re cute! That is, as long as you don’t get too close and freak them out. Then that would be gross. And since I wrote this, the geese have come back again today, but they’re instead hanging down further away from my house, which is not as exciting.

So in the spirit of the geese, Rahul and I watched Fly Away Home last night. I remember loving this movie as a kid. This was Anna Paquin before she became a vampire in True Blood. Also before she filmed a sex scene in The Squid and the Whale with the man who plays HER FATHER in Fly Away Home (Jeff Daniels). Regardless. I was watching mostly for the geese anyway. I think I have this secret desire to open a zoo, so I’m constantly keeping track of animals that I think Rahul and I should adopt.

Plus, when it’s cold and dreary outside, what better way to cheer you up than looking at videos of cute animals? Or seeing them right outside your window within a 50 yard radius?


3 thoughts on “So This One Time, 50 Geese Hung Out on the Field in Front of My House

  1. OHHHHHHHH! How wonderful! Did you feed them? Reminds me of Fall Creek Falls…and camping and playing Parcheesi–the Royal Game of India. Build a house on a lake with a suite for you mom:)

    • Jules,
      Let’s do remember I am the only one that loved those ducks, and geese on all our family vacations. Come to think of it, I should just start carrying around a loaf of bread for when I see them on our trips. Never fails that we do.

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