The Good That Comes Out of Bad

So let’s talk about my week.

Usually I don’t like to make my posts so “me” focused, but sometimes that’s inevitable. And this week is one I want to write about.

If you’ve been reading, you know that for a few weeks, I was torn up over the fact that the fraternity I worked for and lived with, Pi Kappa Alpha, lost recognition from the university. Not only was I upset, but this was going to mark a big change in my life as well, as I was going to have to move. I was also not going to be able to work with a fraternity for a semester, which is essentially the biggest part of this job. Needless to say, I was upset. Lots.

But then something good happened! As luck would have it, the chance opened up for a few different organizations to have first pick at the house, if they had all their documents ready. Only one did, Phi Sigma Kappa, and this is the organization I now live with.

So here’s how my week went:

Sunday: The last of the Pikes moved out and I ordered Jimmy John’s for the second time that weekend. Oh, and the GEESE!

Monday: Went to the Hyundai dealership at 8 AM to do one of my least favorite things ever: get my car serviced. Then rushed to the President’s retreat at the university to introduce myself as a member of Greek life staff. Oh, and the biggest thing: cleaning crews scrubbing the entire house to prepare the facility for the transition to PSK, which they only had two days to do. Oh, and this is also the day I realized the books that still hadn’t been delivered to me had been addressed to the completely wrong address. Way to go, Katherine….

My beautiful planner. Now I can keep track of things again (as I am notorious for writing to-do lists on little slips of paper and immediately losing them.

Delicious! And all free!

Tuesday: More cleaning. Washing machine company came and removed the machines. Awesome 5-mile run that was much needed. My beautiful planner that I can’t stop looking at finally came in the mail. Then met the PSKs for the first time at their chapter meeting! This was exciting. Plus, the Sweet Green that was just built in the city offered free lunch to faculty and staff, which proved itself to be insanely delicious. This is definitely going to be a favorite spot of mine from now.

The cupcakes one of the member's girlfriends made for them on their move-in day!

Wednesday: Phi Sigma Kappa move-in day! Considering I thought this was house was going to be empty for a semester, this is remarkable. Plus, the fraternity is EXTREMELY excited to be housed on the row and just wondered through the house in utter awe. Their excitement excites me! The fraternity just recently moved out of colony status, and so now also having a house is a big deal for them. Plus, now I don’t have to move and I get to be a House Mom still. Oh, and this was also my first day of spring classes. NBD. And signed up to turn in a story for fiction workshop this weekend (as in, tomorrow.) Again, NBD.

Fresh flowers + Rahul = two of my favorite things.

Thursday: Got flowers from Rahul in the mail! He’s totally smile-inducing, all the time. Went to hear a prospective MFA faculty member read and then sat down with she and other MFAers and had a talk about the MFA program. Lately, I’ve started to realize more and more why and how I ended up here. The obvious answer is that I wanted to attend a writing program and get a Masters for something I already love doing. The one that has revealed itself to me after a semester here is that I love this program and these people. I’ve never before been surrounded by all writers who all love doing the same thing I do. I need to remember not to take these years for granted, as they will surely shape my writing life in a way I don’t truly see yet today. Plus, the people in it are fun, which always helps. I was also super tired this day, because a very confused, intoxicated student banged on the doors of the house for around two hours early Thursday morning. I lived with a pretty loud group last semester, yet they never woke me up, so the fact that this kid woke me up banging on the door was pretty remarkable. I guess school really is back in session…

Friday: Many, many meetings. More PSKs moving in, and 60 degree weather! I actually got confused at one point and thought it was spring time.

Let me also mention that Rahul and I are newly addicted to Homeland and have been moving our way through the show throughout the week.

This may not seem like many things but, for someone who likes to plan out her days and weeks days in advance, the fact that so many unexpected things happened this week and I’m still makin’ it by Friday speaks for a lot! Plus, this new PSK move has inspired me to clean up my apartment, which led me to finding many things I have needed, like my reading glasses, missing Tupperware containers, misplaced chocolates, magnetic strips to hang my bobby pins on, etc. I’ve almost completely finished a piece that I started less than 15 days ago, and I created tons of documents and formulated ideas for approaching House Mommery this spring.

So it’s like my dad said: sometimes things happen for a reason. And this time, something bad had to happen for something good to come out of it.


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