Super Bowl Cool Club

So, there was a big football game on last night that’s kinda of a super huge big deal to Americans: the Super Bowl. You know, that thing.

Even though I constantly get asked if I’m a Titans fan just because I’m from Tennessee, I don’t really get the whole football thing. If you think about, its really just a bunch of big dudes in padding throwing themselves at each other. To me, it just looks like a shit show. A big pile of confusingness with a football involved.

We went to lots of Nats games when I lived in D.C. as an undergrad because 1) the stadium opened that spring 2) the games were fun in groups and 3) the tickets were FIVE DOLLARS. One of my favorite pictures.

My dad claims the reason I’m not a football fan is because he didn’t have enough conversations with me as I was growing up about sports. I dare to believe that even if we had talked about sports everyday, I still would think that the whole idea of sports is sometimes silly. Oftentimes so. I know I’m stepping on dangerous grounds making these assertions, but let me just give you an idea of how well I understand sports:

  • I thought the AL was a team, until I was informed it stands for the American League.
  • I then had to ask what the American League was.
  • On my church league basketball team, I received the award for “Most Spirited.” Just the nice way of saying “We would rather have you cheer than be on the court.”
  • I often get the terminology mixed up. Oh, you’ve never heard of a basketball field? Or a football court?
  • My hand-eye coordination sucks. I’m also notorious for falling up stairs. Yes, UP.
  • I didn’t attend a SINGLE sporting event while at Southeast Missouri State University. I also didn’t know that Patriots player Dan Connelly went to SEMO until yesterday.
  • I still have no idea what’s going on during a football game. I muted the Super Bowl during the game and turned the volume on during commercials. Plus, it’s long! Did you know how long it is? Someone should take care of that.

    I brought DeShawn out of his box just for this picture. The other one lives with Rahul.

  • Basketball is the most fun game to watch in my mind. At least that’s simple.
  • Hockey=fights. The guys in my house are determined to turn me into a hockey fan. I just laugh.
  • I won 2 (2!) DeShawn Stevenson booblehead at a work White Elephant exchange. I told Rahul I thought they were broken because the hand was in two pieces. He then informed me it’s because that player likes to wave his hand in front of his face after he does well in a game. Who knew.

There are plenty more of these, but I’ll stop. Attending a large state school has at least provided the opportunity to attend large games, such as the UMD v. UNC men’s basketball game on Saturday. But that’s just cause it’s free. And, as I mentioned above, I like basketball best.

Anyway, back to my original point. I was thinking about it, and I think one of the biggest things that makes the Super Bowl a big deal is the “Cool Club” factor. Think about it: other than New Year’s Eve and Mardi Gras and St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween and Independence Day (and the others I forgot), this is one of the biggest nights where it’s guaranteed thousands of parties are being held. Everyone is watching the Super Bowl, even if they don’t enjoy it. Why? Because it’s a “thing.” It’s a party. And, as you grow older, it becomes a sign of your social status.

I went to a Cardinals game once. Annnnd was the only person not wearing a Cardinals shirt....

I know that last sentence sounds like a college kid talking, but just wait. If you asked around, you would surely find at least five of your friends who were holding a Super Bowl party. And that’s just holding! Then you add in all the friends who attended one and it gets exhausting. The real question is who’s holding what party? And where do you go to watch the big event?

Growing up, I always attended a church party or family event, which is why I remember so clearly when Janet Jackson had her little slip up, as my dad and one of our neighbors both yelled “Did I just see what I thought I just saw?” and ran into the living room to confirm that yes, they did just see what they thought they just saw. But, my family having parties is not unusual. I grew up with Miss America Pageant Parties (so fun), New Year’s Eve bashes, 4th of July family celebrations. We get together a lot.

Rahul and I at a Caps game. We were excited but...

Which is maybe why, as I got older, it became less important to me where I watched the Super Bowl, as I had already had my fair share of gathering together just to watch guys prance around with footballs in their hands. This may also explain why I literally can’t remember what I did last Super Bowl, or if I even watched the game. This shows you just how important this football showdown is to me. But, if you think about it, the Super Bowl can potentially turn into a sign of your friendships instead of your commitment to football. If you don’t get invited to a party, what does that mean? That the Super Bowl is too cool for you?

...not as excited as this guy.

I’m more inclined to think it means nothing. Or that all your friends are uninterested in football. Either way, while it could be perceived as a big deal, it’s just like any other weekend night—you either find something to do or you don’t.

To stop me before I ramble, I’ll mention I watched the first part of the game by myself while also doing homework. I bought one slot in the guy’s bet-score-thing, but I also had to look on TV Guide for what channel the game was even on. Carmen, our chef, had left out food for us, and the guys had ordered pizza, so we were set on that front. I could hear them in the chapter room watching the game, but I only went out a few times before visiting a few other friends/girls I work with to watch the halftime show and second half (quarter?). You see, the terminology.

And, after a few hours, the thing was all over. The night moves on. I had a happy belly full of seven-layer dip and ice cream and enough socializing to make me feel cool enough for the Super Bowl. I’ll catch it around next year. I guess. At least I have my Dad to interrogate me beforehand if I know what teams are playing and where they’re from. He keeps me on my game.


Oh, and just saying, best commercial ever.

Proof that I have gone to a UMD football game (and my mom too, which is also a miracle).


One thought on “Super Bowl Cool Club

  1. Kat-I can’t wait until the day you have kids and they want to play sports and THEN you WILL learn to LOVE sports!!

    Your Dad who didn’t spend enough time helping you to like sports when you were young!

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