Ebenezer’s (without the Scrooge)


On Monday, I had big plans to visit a new coffee shop in D.C. that a friend in my program recommended, Big Bear Café. But I had to make an unplanned visit to the Verizon store to get my phone replaced (fun times) and, when I left 30 minutes later with a phone that still wasn’t working, I decided to skip navigating a new part of the city on my own, as I’m terrible with directions (East, North, West, South, what??), and went back to one of my favorites, Ebenezer’s near Union Station.


I’ve mentioned Ebenezer’s before, but I’ll spend more time on it this time. I was introduced to Ebenezer’s in spring 2008 while studying at the Washington Journalism Center. Our teachers took us there for coffee every Friday, which proved the positives to having a regular spot to continually return to (the “Friends” cast really was on to something). We spent our Friday afternoons talking about our internships, journalism classes, and our lives in general, before jetting off to free taco night at the National Press Club—damn, I miss that semester long pass.

I come back here from time to time because it’s familiar and they make a delicious toffee nut latte. Plus, they have lots of space (two floors), different kinds of seating, and FREE STICKERS. Oh, and free wi-fi.

Where the yummy stuff is made.

I claimed a cozy chair that looked out on 2nd street and got a little writing and reading done—you know, the good ol’ stuff. After I left, I walked up 2ndstreet by the building where I used to intern before

My cozy spot.

making the short journey back to Union Station. At first, I was preoccupied with playing with my replacement phone (I finally got it working) until I remembered something the main speaker at this Student Affairs conference I attended last Friday said. I usually try not to name drop, or make cheesy connections like this, but I like something this guy, Kevin Carroll, had to say: that we are the generation that pays more attention to our electronics when walking then the rest of the world.

The walk back, who would want to miss this?

Union Station under construction? And with a Potbelly? Two very exciting things to learn.

Oh, man, I am so bad at this. Don’t get me wrong—when I’m just walking, sans electronics, I am guilty of wanting to know everything that’s going on around me. But when I’m tuned into my phone, or iPOD, I risk the chance of missing things like this, or Pete the Homeless Guy, who lived on the street corner just up from Ebenezer’s back in 2008, and would always tell us how many days there were till the weekend, or “No skinny dipping”—which we never really got to the bottom of in terms of understanding his message. But, point is, since a big part of going to D.C. for me is the whole D.C. part, I put my phone down and just enjoyed my walk.

Would have missed this sunset on campus after D.C. if I hadn't noticed this man taking a picture of it.

Valentine's for the PSK's, just like elementary school!

House Mom love.

In other news, VALENTINE’S DAY! This is holiday everyone should enjoy, no matter if you’re in a relationship or not. Everyone has someone they love, even if it’s not romantic love. I don’t see this as the holiday to get all pessimistic over your life. In fact, I have a small theory that the only reason people react that way if they’re single is because  Hollywood has conditioned us to react that way…I know, deep, right? Anyway, I love sending out Valentine’s love to the people important to me in life, and getting a little love back in return. Plus, like Carrie has the day that will forever be known as “the day I got arrested for smoking a doobie,” this day will forever be known as the day my wonderful boyfriend sent me VALENTINE’S CUPCAKES FROM SPRINKLES and then Sprinkles messed up and delivered the order twice. That’s right, folks. TWENTY-FOUR CUPCAKES.

CUPCAKE LOVE. You can obviously tell which ones I have been eating. And my three week old flowers from Rahul are still looking good!

Life is good.


One thought on “Ebenezer’s (without the Scrooge)

  1. Aw…I miss Ebenezers. And Pete the Homeless Guy. I always got little grains of wisdom from him on my way to Union Station such as “Don’t go skinny dipping on the weekend!”

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