The Little Roku Box that Couldn’t

Tired of seeing this message.

This is the story of the little Roku box that couldn’t.

You see, I bought this handy little box back last August because I was excited about all the media possibilities that it would make available for me. Netflix? Hulu? Pandora? Other stuff? And all from the same place!?!?!? I was pumped.

But then I ran into my first road bump: the UMD internet. Turns out, when you have a secondary device like this one, you have to register it online. No big deal, right? Except, for some reason, the university IT wasn’t recognizing me as an on-campus resident. Awesome, right?

NO. This little hiccup began the biggest headache of my life. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but it was annoying for sure. I needed to be recognized as a university resident to even complete step one on this process, which meant I had to call the IT Department for their assistance. And that right there poses a problem.

The only way I can currently get my ethernet cable to reach the Roku....

I hate, HATE, making phone calls, especially to annoying departments with people I don’t know who make you stay on the line for sometimes up to 30 minutes and then get frustrated with you within the first 10 seconds as if YOU were the one keeping them on hold for 30 minutes.

Not that that has been my personal experience, or anything.

The first few times I tried to coordinate with IT to fix my problem, the process always failed, or the IT person never followed through. So I went through one semester without being able to use my little Roku box. And I had pretty nearly forgot about him until….

Last time I found a creepy crawler in my apartment...nice surprise right? I wasn't even scared after the initial shock of opening my drawer and founding him there, just curious as to how he got there in the first place.

Rahul subtly brought it up in conversation, motivating me to finally follow through with IT. They finally recognized my resident status, and I was finally able to register my computer and Roku box. And then….


So now I don’t know what to do. I guess it’s Netflix on my computer for the time being. But if anyone knows why, when I plug an Ethernet into my Roku box and the Roku completes all the set-up before telling me “Try again,” then please, please help me. Rahul is going to try helping me too, and he’s a pretty big genius when it comes to matter of technology. But if I keep getting the failure message, this might happen.

In other news, I have some kind of scary bug-mouse-uncertain-what-it-is living in my radiator. AWESOME.


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