Birthday Weekends are Fun (or whatever)

Some pictures from my weekend. The sunset was beautiful.

Rahul and I discussed the “or whatever” phenomenon the other day.

Well—its’ not really a phenomenon. But it is something that happens, and something that I used to do a lot.

Drunken elephants at Eastern Market.

Let me explain: for some reason, I used to always add “or whatever” to the ends of my sentences. A lot. All the time. Constantly…or whatever.

More sunset. So beautiful! (or whatever)

I picked up on it eventually, noticing that I was adding it on to the ends of sentences for no good reason. Serious sentences too! And you know what happens when you add a phrase like “or whatever” on to the end of a sentence? It totally negates the sentence. It doesn’t matter if you just said “I saw a cat stand on its hind legs and speak in full sentences today.” If you add “or whatever” on to the end of that sentence, you just took back everything you said in only two words.

Birthday milkshakes!

I guess I subconsciously eliminated it from my language, for the better, maybe around the time I realized the power of saying “I believe” over “I feel” (try it sometime), but that’s a different blog post. But, for some reason, it came up in conversation and I was reminded of how I used to say it all the time. To give you more of an idea how it comes across, I’ll describe my past weekend using this phrase.

Birthday dinner with my mom. : )

This past weekend:

I turned 25…or whatever.

I had bit of an existential crisis about what turning 25 means…or whatever.

My mom came to visit me for the weekend and it was so wonderful!…or whatever.

We ate at delicious restaurants and my tummy was very happy…or whatever.

Birthday dinner at Ceiba! Yum yum. The meal the night before was Co Co Sala, which was ALSO delicious. (or whatever)


We had BIRTHDAY MILKSHAKES that were DELICIOUS instead of a birthday cake…or whatever.

Folger Shakespeare Library with Mom!

I love when people visit me…or whatever. It makes my heart happy…or whatever.

Need a kleenex?

We walked from Eastern Market to Penn Square and it was beautiful…or whatever.

Rahul sang happy birthday to me on the phone and it was the cutest thing ever…or whatever.

Birthday door!

I got some amazing gifts but, most importantly, some wonderful Mom time that was the best way to break in 25…or whatever.

Gift party!

Now go back and take out all those “or whatevers”—the meaning totally changes, right? Then you’ll have a much better idea of how my weekend really was—SO FUN. Even if I am still struggling to figure out what being 25 means. For some reason, hitting this mark has transitioned me from not feeling like a “young adult” anymore. I’m not saying I feel old—but I certainly ain’t 21 anymore.

But that’s a blog post for another time.

(or whatever)

Mom and I again, with a hint of the Washington Monument in the background!


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