Touristy in D.C.

Lydia the Tourist.

This past weekend, my oldest friend visited and we got all touristy.

Tent City with the Capitol in the background.

To put it simply, Lydia and I have been friends for a really long time. She is that person that will always be my friend, no matter what—you know everyone has someone like that.

WWII Memorial.

This was her first trip to D.C., which is really exciting to me, as I think D.C. is a city everyone should visit at least once. Of course, I love D.C. for the non-touristy reasons but, every once and a while, it’s nice to revisit all those places that make D.C. one of the best tourist destinations on the East Coast.

Good ol’ Abe!

Just to give you an idea, here are all the things Lydia and I saw within a 2-3 hour span in D.C.:

The St. Patrick’s Day 8K that shut down all the roads by the Capitol and the National Mall.

Vietnam Memorial.

The National Mall itself.


The Washington Monument (crack and all).

The World War II memorial.

The pleasant walk from the WWII memorial to the Vietnam Memorial—gutted Reflecting Pool and all.

Vietnam Memorial with Washington Monument in background.

The Lincoln Memorial, where a high school band was entertaining the crowds on the steps. Even though I liked the band, the Lincoln Memorial is better when the air is peaceful and undisturbed. Provides a great thinking spot and, apparently, a drinking one (Wedding Crashers, anyone?).

The Korean War memorial.

Marching Band outside the Lincoln Memorial.

The walk toward the Tidal Basin! This area is gorgeous, especially on a Sunday morning when the crowds are a bit thinner. Sidenote: If you come to D.C. in the next few months, you are fearless. School trips + 100th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival = MADNESS.

Back of the MLK Memorial with Jefferson hanging out across the Tidal Basin.

The MLK Memorial, despite disappointment over it.

Walking along the Tidal Basin is a must. It’s not as long as you think it’s going to be and, on a nice day, it’s a super nice walk.

The FDR Memorial. Which, FYI, is wheelchair friendly, and features lots of fountains.

Korean Memorial.

The view of the Air Force Memorial, plus the view of D.C. Incredible view of D.C., in fact.

The Jefferson Memorial. This one is impressive and looming, one of my favorites.

Hello, Jefferson!

Secret’s out—Sunday morning is the best time to walk the monuments. And these were just the things we got done on Sunday! Saturday meant 5 hours in the Holocaust Museum; Friday was museum day, the White House, and delicious Founding Farmers. Proves that even in just three days, a pretty good feel of the nation’s capital can be established.

Other exciting updates as of late:

Lydia, making her own rules….

SPRING BREAK! I am so exhausted and have been falling asleep in class. I need this.

My other good friend Alex visited for St. Patrick’s Day Wedding Weekend.

The men I live with are awesome.

Rahul helped me ghetto-ly download Scramble with Friends only to get it on the market the next day. Either way, that means YAY.

Beautiful Tidal Basin.

Less than two weeks before I see my Cape friends again! Can barely wait!

I’ll be spending a week in Provincetown, MA this summer for a writing conference.

Locating the building on Maryland’s campus that the National Treasure 2 cast walks out of in the movie. Say what you want about this, but I’m excited.

Spring is officially HERE. It is so nice. I just want a few good ol’ April showers.



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