Spring Break! (aka Spring Vacation)

Where I spent part of my weekend, Hyatt Regency-Chesapeake Bay. 

SPRING BREAK is officially here and that means DANCE PARTY EVERY DAY.

View from hotel room, AH-mazing!

Except not really. Because I have so much school work to do. Which makes it a spring vacation for me. Plus, I’ve been eating triple serving size amounts of Cheetos because who knew they were so delicious? This has also resulted in the great Cheeto debate of 2012, with me swearing the puffy version were the original cheetos, and Rahul claiming the crunchy cheetos. He even says he has like research and stuff to back him up. I guess judge for yourself. Either way, they’re both delicious.

Sad beach.

While most of my spring break (whoo hoo!) is going to be school work, school work, and school work, I had a fun weekend that kicked it off right. After a visit from my good friend Alex, we had a wedding weekend on the Eastern Shore for one of my sorority sisters that got married. There was lots of dancing and crab-shaped chocolates and an open bar and time to catch up with friends and pretty, pretty things. Plus, Kellie (the bridge) looked absolutely beautiful, even when she was rushing to her brother’s side when he passed out during the ceremony—don’t lock those knees, kids, you won’t always have a sister that just so happens to be a nurse.

Okay, I lied. I took one picture at the wedding. Of what? Who knows. I also have a picture of my cake. Apparently that was important to snap.

I love weddings. I am one of those people who will look at every wedding picture available on Facebook, even if I don’t know the newly married couple. Call me stalker. But I love wedding pictures. And baby pictures, but that’s a different story for a different time.

Crazy Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Looking onto the Bay from this (which is not advised to do while driving, unlike me) makes you feel like you’re crossing new waters with scary boats in the mist that are barely visible.

The Eastern Shore proves to be beautiful, and the wedding was as well. Of course, I don’t have any pictures from the wedding, because I’m one of those people that forgets to take pictures when I’m having a good time. SILLY ME. But the hotel was right on the water and had a spec-TACULAR view of the water. Plus, other exciting things:


There was a WAL-MART right across from the resort. I had to go in, but of course didn’t find a fan for my freakin hot room. That’s four stores so far that have failed me. But I did find Cheetos.


SONIC SONIC SONIC! Could anything be better! I hit this up twice. Hello, strawberry limeade and other large inexpensive drinks that are delicious.

I crossed a scary, kind of cool bridge to get to the Eastern Shore.


I like saying Eastern Shore because it sounds really posh even though I entered the area while eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that I had packed for the road in a sandwich bag.

Spring in D.C. means kite time too!

CHERRY BLOSSOMS HAVE ARRIVED. After getting back on Sunday, I headed into D.C. to run around the mall and Tidal Basin and look at the pretty trees. I didn’t get much running done around the basin, because of all the people, but regardless, it was beautiful. If you’re in the area, be sure to check out the festivities this weekend. D.C. is the best in the spring. It’s like God, or someone, wants to reward us with super-duper beautiful flowers. SERIOUSLY. Amazing. If you live in the area, I’m recruiting you to go with me to some of the events for the 100th Celebrations. Prepare yourself.

I have been doing work but have been mostly distracted by this web site.

And now you’re faced with hours of non-productivity like me. You’re welcome.

So beautiful.

This means something important in relation to the Cherry Blossom gift, but I can’t remember. Now it serves as a playground, apparently.

Tidal Basin also offers paddle boats! Seriously, have I not convinced you to visit D.C. yet??

I like to take pictures of the Washington Monument, apparently.