Things That are True

A few things happened over the last few days that reaffirmed one of the “truths” about my personality: I will cry over the small things.

Let me explain. On Wednesday, I decided to finally truck out to a coffee shop, Tryst, that I’ve been to in the past and remember liking. It’s not one I’ve visited yet because I want to make sure I have enough time to really get work done after making the journey out there.  Well, of course, the one day I decide to do this, TRYST IS CLOSED BECAUSE OF SIDEWALK WORK. Ok, fine. It turned out okay, since I was able to camp out at a Starbucks across the street and get some work done still and not have the trek feel like a total waste. Even if I had to sit at one of the awkward long tables.

But then yesterday, I had a hair appointment in the morning at a salon about 30 minutes from my house. I always end up overestimating how much time I have left to get ready then end up rushing to get somewhere on time. Well, I still managed to arrive just before 10, only to find out 15 minutes later that the stylist I had been assigned actually wasn’t coming in that day. In reality, this wasn’t that big of a deal. The receptionist secured another appointment 2 hours later, and a 20% off discount.

So what do I do when I leave the salon? Start crying, of course.

This has happened before—crying over something small when really it’s a lot of bigger things together that are the reasons for my tears. But I just assumed I was over this part of my life. But no, no, apparently not. I’m the girl that cried like a baby because I had to get my hair appointment rescheduled.

So that got me thinking about this list I’ve been creating for a while.

Things that are True:

Disclaimer: I find these all true for me. Hopefully you find some you agree with too. 

The only reason I occassionally remember facts about Bon Iver, even though they still don't stick. Sorry, babe. And a rare snapshot of me wearing a scarf well (#5).

1. I will cry over the small things.

2. I will never be able to remember how to pronounce Bon Iver or if it’s one person or two.

3. I shouldn’t be allowed to drive in parking lots or on college campuses. I’m an aggressive driver anyway—combine that with a college campus, and you’re just creating a terrible situation.

4. When a teacher says “Let’s talk about the syllabus,” it’s NEVER GOOD. Except, of course, when I was teaching.

5. Actors always look better wearing scarves. How do they do it?

6. The book version will always be better. That being said, I’m going to see The Hunger Games tomorrow. It better be badass.

Not a picture of me driving, but a funny picture all the same (Mom's parking job). That being said, I've only just recently mastered parallel parking (#3).

7. I will always think I’m late (reference paragraphs above). Sometimes this is warranted. But it gets gross when I show up to class sweaty because I was sprinting across campus only to arrive five minutes early and awkwardly run into my professor in the hallway.

8. To add to this, I will always say “Be there in 5 minutes,” because for some reason I think that’s better than saying “Actually, I’ll be there in 18 minutes, sorry you’re waiting.”

9. I can’t help it. I will roll my eyes in class if you make douchey comments or do anything remotely ridiculous to impress the teacher. You’re not a professor yet, so stop acting like one.

10. Speaking in generalities is fun until you somehow stumble into a conversation with a pro on the subject.

11. Coming home just when your favorite movie is starting is the best feeling in the world.

12. Screw letter openers.

13. Who actually reads introductions to books? Puh-lease.

I'm still Katie or Kat to these people (which I don't mind, #14).

14. If you’re name is two syllables or more, you’re getting nicknamed at some point in your life, if not always. Just accept it. I have years of Kat, Katie, Kate, Kathe, Kathy, and variations of my last name to prove it. I like the nicknames for my first name, not so much the last name.

15. Who actually spells calander (ok, fine, calendar) correctly on the first try? THIS GIRL, that’s for sure.

16. When I get something in my head, I have to do it right then. Impulsiveness—sometimes not my best feature.

17. I always confuse the spellings of live and leave. I can’t explain it, but it happens ALL THE TIME.

My pen purse. The only way I can hold on to the pens I like (#19).

18. Even though I eat by myself all the time, I still get sad whenever I see someone else eating by themselves somewhere, especially in a nice restaurant. It gets me too caught up thinking about who he/she is, what brought he/she here, and that just raises a lot of existential questions that are too much to deal with.

19. I used to change my handwriting every month and even now am very particular about the kind of pens I take notes with in class.

20. I will make up my own lyrics to songs if I want to sing along yet don’t have all the words memorized. Most of the time, it sounds like “huuuhhh hmmmm firework come on show you what its worth make it go hmm hooo hmmm….”

21. Internet ads can die, especially when it’s one where you can’t find how to click out it.

The Reese's eggs are for me, the Peeps for the guys. Whoo-hoo, Easter candy (#22)!

22. I ate three Easter Reese’s Eggs before March even started.

23. I miss the time when I used to not be scared by bugs and would play with Granddaddy long legs, or worms, or even raise caterpillars (that’s right, RAISE) just for the hell of it. Those days are long gone.

24. I get really, really awkward on phone calls, especially when my bad hearing kicks in and every other word is “huh? what?”

25. If I don’t have a planner my entire life breaks down.

Oh, what am I watching as I write this? Thanks, USA, for your marathons. But NO THANKS for your two-day NCIS marathon this weekend. Really, two days (#26)!?

26. I find it hard to do anything else during “Law & Order: SVU” marathons and often make compromises myself for TV time and school time that never work out the way they should.

27. Greek yogurt? What?

28. I used to not be able to make it without eating salt & vinegar kettle chips every day. Seriously. I would be making dinner with a handful of them in my mouth.

29. All the TV shows I have watched lately start with the letter H—”Homeland,” “Heroes,” and “How I Met Your Mother.” Speaking of “Heroes,” whattttttt! I can’t believe I missed this show when it was on air.

30. I still don’t feel like an adult and this worries me.


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