Things I Wonder About

See, clearly someone else has had the same thought as me, with this nifty collage of the three of them and the movies they've been in together.

I’m going to give you a sample of things I often wonder about:

Do Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield, and Jesse Eisenberg ever hang out together? You know, since Emma and Jesse were in Zombieland together and Andrew and Jesse were in The Social Network together and Emma and Andrew are in the upcoming The Amazing Spiderman. Do you think they’re all friends now?

Little sweet Francos.

Did James Franco go to see his younger brother, Dave Franco, in 21 Jump Street? And what does Dave think of his older brother’s attempts to be a master of everything that ever existed?

And that’s a sampling of the things that cross my mind.

In other news, one of the guys met Lauren Conrad on his plane ride back from Uganda. We checked: she just returned from Uganda herself as well. So now we’re working on plans to get Lauren Conrad to visit us here.

Another one of the guys told me my new haircut was the “Nicki Minaj” haircut. I’ll take it…?


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