Things That Amuse Me

To add to my post last week, Things I Wonder About, below are a few things that amuse me:

This is what my hair looks like now.
Haha. Just kidding.

My new Nicki Minaj nickname (due to my recent hair cut) is going strong.

People assume I will be awesome at Scramble with Friends just because I’m an “English person.” Tracing words as fast as you can has NOTHING to do with being an English person. It’s like my old TA Advisor, Missy, said: “When you go up to write on a chalkboard, you forget how to spell everything.” Apply the same mindset to Scramble with Friends.

I just received a rejection email from a magazine that started out with “Dear Writer.” I know generic notes are often used for rejections, but really? Writer? I guess part of it is complimentary, since I often don’t consider myself a writer, just a person who likes to write things. But STILL.

When people find out I write, they constantly give me story ideas or tell me “You should write about that.”

It's a t-shirt sorting party!

I went to Chick-fil-A yesterday in the university’s food court (taking a quick break from sorting 3,000+ Greek Week shirts and other Greek life associated things) and said I wanted a chicken sandwich and a Diet Dr. Pepper. One of the employees looked at me and said “A Chick-fil-A sandwich?” I should have said “No, a chicken sandwich from somewhere else with your label on it,” but I don’t think that fast.

I say “Knock on Wood” a lot. When I did the other night, Rahul said, “Wood is probably like, god, stop knocking on me all the time.”

And those are just a few things that amuse me.

Take a look at some photos from my recent trip to Cape Girardeau, Missouri.


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