I’m Boycotting the Library

McKeldin Library, Maryland's campus.

That’s right. I’m boycotting the library.

Now before all you book-lovers out there start freaking out, let me explain:

I have a seminar paper I need to write for one of my classes. It’s not due until May, but I am not one of those people that waits until the last minute to do things. If I do, my brain starts to explode. It’s not pretty, and I try to avoid getting to the point if at all possible.

That’s why I trekked to the library yesterday to check out a few books under the topic I am researching. which is race, environmentalism, and retreating to the suburbs during the 1960s. I’ll be pulling in the book Sarah Phillips, which I read for one of my classes. I hadn’t had much luck with online sources, so I put my luck in the Dewey Decimal system.

BAD DECISION. McKeldin Library has seven floors, relatively five of which house the books. This is a big improvement, coming from an undergrad where the library was part of the building that housed our classrooms, and a grad school that had one and a half floors for books. So you would think I would be able to instantly find books with five floors, right?

NO.  I swear, when I find the person that has checked out all the books I need, I’m going to sucker punch them in the face. Okay, not really. But they are DEFINITELY off my Christmas card list.

But what was even worse were the books that were supposedly on the shelf—yet, I would get there, and they would be missing. I swear, I have bad library luck. Or there’s a vortex somewhere in that place that is sucking in all the books I need. It got to the point that actually finding the book I needed was the exception to the rule.

My new library rentals.

I still walked away with ten books, only about three or four ones that I actually wrote down and looked up. The others were impulse adds in my anger to find something that would relate to my topic.

So, no, I’m not at book-burning level status, and never will be. Nor will I walk around picketing the establishment. But, I’m still upset with the library.

I’m a book-lover too, but the library is against me as of late. That’s the only explanation.


2 thoughts on “I’m Boycotting the Library

  1. oooohhhhh i love lindor chocolates! and they look so good in the elephant mug. oh and screw the library! books are for wimps!

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