25 Life Goals from a 25 Year Old

June 22, 2015: After noticing this post was receiving a lot of viewership, more than any other post I’ve written, I updated this list of goals from my 28-year old perspective. If you’re interested, you’ll find it here. Thanks for reading! 

So have you ever had one of those days where, at the end of it, you wish that day had just never existed in the first place? Like you had stomped around like a big doofus the whole day messing up everything in sight?

Yeah. Today was one of those days.

Not to go into any details, I’ll just say it was definitely one where I needed a few deep breaths and other de-stressers to get me through the day.

Which leads perfectly into a list I made a few days ago. As the semester speeds up and I begin to calculate the hours in the day and the hours of work to be done and realize the latter is way larger than the former, sometimes my brain just needs a break, or a reminder of why life is good. If you read my blog post on 10 Ways I’m Going to Enjoy My Life More, you know I sometimes struggle with this. I tend to let myself get swept up in my homework, or work, or a combination of both, and then I forget why I love school and being in a university environment so much. I let stress get the better of me and then I become a big ball of tears.

Some of you may experience the same symptoms, but from other causes, or different reasons. Either way, all that to say: I began to think a few weeks ago about things I wish I did more, or things I already do and want to continue doing, or things I want to start doing. So essentially a lot of things, but added together that equal extrodinary opportunities. Some of these are some I could use right now, or wish I was already implementing better.

Disclaimer: Even though these are things I hope to accomplish, or get better at doing, I have written them in the “you” format (sorry, English teachers everywhere) in hopes that I’m not the only one with these goals.

My original, hand-written list. Maybe one day I’ll sell this bad boy on Ebay for big money.

 25 Life Goals from a 25 Year Old:

1. Write thank you cards. Say thank you.

2. Take a moment to calm down when overly emotional. Re-consider your thoughts.

3. Never make decisions when you’re emotional.

4. Read books for pleasure.

5. Open your windows. Go outside.

6. Stop making excuses.

7. Allow yourself to have free time, even if it’s 10 minutes of coffee in the morning, 2 minutes to play Scramble with Friends, or a date with your boyfriend to watch Titanic. Don’t laugh—Rahul and I totally did this the other night.

8. Celebrate something at least once a day, if not more.

9. Catch up with a different friend once a week.

10. Keep your attitude in check, always. Be intentional in what you say.

11.Listen to others. Take notes. Remember.

12. Don’t be scared of confrontation, when necessary.

13. When you make a mistake, never, ever blame it on someone else.

14. Laugh at yourself.

15. Do things YOU want to do.

16. Don’t say sorry when it’s not your fault, and do say sorry when it is.

17. Engage.

18. Talk to strangers, or someone you wish to get to know better.

19. Do things that remind you of what you love in the world.

20. Try new things. My recent fascination: baking and cake decorating. Sorry, Mary Beth, but I’m probably going to ask to use your kitchen a lot this summer.

21. Don’t bullshit. Ever.

22. Embrace who you are, even if you sometimes don’t like who you are.

23. Tell people what you think of them at every chance you get, whether it’s “You’re a rockstar” or “I appreciate you” or “You inspire me” or “I love you.”

24. Don’t waste a day with a bad mood. Find things to cheer you up.

25. Love.

And an extra one because I have problems with limits (even when they’re my own):

Don’t complain about things you can control. This is a MAJOR one to remember for me as of late.

Happy Thursday, folks.


6 thoughts on “25 Life Goals from a 25 Year Old

  1. I like these…and your blog! Hope you’ll check mine out as well. Let me know how you plan on reminding yourself to do these things every day. As deeply intuitive and emotionally mature as I was at 25, I just didn’t have the wisdom to realize that that’s how I should have lived as well.

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