Missing India

I miss India. This is partially because I miss Rahul a lot. But I do also miss the country I was able to visit for the first time because of him, and the country that I desperately want to go back to. Because, you see, I don’t feel that India is a country you can visit once and never again. It’s a country you visit once, for a year, or two, and even then, you never see all of it.

So, even though I can’t physically visit the country I yearn for most at this moment, I can, in a way, through some of my favorite pictures.

Missing India, Part One: Jaipur

Jaipur was my first stop on the India trip, and also where Rahul lives. It is the capital of Rajasthan, known as the “Pink City.” It’s a charming, “small” city of 3.1 million people and served as the perfect way to introduce me to the 2nd largest country in the world.

Elephant Crossing; Amber Fort.

“Crazzy” City; near Tiger Fort.

Hand holding; City Palace.

Window view; Tiger Fort. 

Crossing; Lake Palace.

Sunny day; Tiger Fort. 

A fort with a view; Tiger Fort.

Seeking shade 1; Amber Fort. 

Seeking shade 2; Jantar Mantar.

Seeking Shade 3; Amber Fort. 

Seeking Shade 4; Amber Fort. 

Waiting for the bus; Jaipur.

Model Shoot; Amber Fort. 

Tag-a-long; Amber Fort. This little guy followed us for a while. And he poses too. 

Following the straight and arrow; near City Palace.

Tour Guide Pose; Tiger Fort. 

Elephants; Amber Fort. 

Off the beaten path; near Tiger Fort. 

Kabaddi; Amber Fort. Notice how their shoes form the field line. 

Dudes hanging out; near Tiger Fort. 

Door Frame Shot; Amber Fort. 

Doors; Tiger Fort. 


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