Happy Mother’s Day to the Greatest Mom in the World!

Happy Mother’s Day, all you moms out there.
Moms are great, and I’m pretty convinced they make the world go round.

This is the first Mother’s Day (in my recollection) that I won’t be spending with my own mother. Even though they look relatively close on a map, Tennessee and Maryland are kinda far apart, y’all.

This photo sits on my desk, so I get to see my mom everyday!

So, in honor of Mother’s Day, I’m going to share some of the things that make my mom so great:

For my college graduation, she re-gifted my childhood Dorothy costume and included a message about dreaming big.

1. She always told me to dream big. When I spent most of my time writing when other kids were joining youth sports leagues, she never told me to do otherwise. Plus, I’m pretty bad at sports.

For my 1st masters graduation, she gifted “Dorothy’s red slippers.”

2. She supports my crazy, jungle, imaginative brain. When I started to tell people my name was Dorothy in pre-school, she made me a Dorothy costume to go along with it.

3. She introduced me to the world of literature in a way some teachers fail to do. Apparently I didn’t like reading at first, but my mom intervened and changed this. Then, naturally, I tried to hide the first library book I checked out in kindergarten. This was before I understood how libraries work.

4. She’s a mom when I need to her to be a mom and a friend when I need her to be a friend.

She loves her girls.

5. Even when I didn’t realize it, she was grooming me to be mature, smart, and responsible in every situation I would face throughout life. All those times where TV limits, curfews, homework hours, and more were enforced, they were only preparing me for those years when I would be the only one responsible for how I spent my time. I attribute my ability to keep my head above water when I started college to my Mom (and my Dad). I still gained the freshman 15, though. That couldn’t be stopped.

Helping me with the candles on my 4th birthday.

6. She holds the best parties, varying from Miss America Pageant Parties to themed birthday parties to a simple Girl’s Night for three girls in the family.

Dancing with the entertainer at a winery in Tuscany. He sang to us, then he asked for someone to dance with him. Naturally, my mom took him up on his offer!

7. In addition to that, she’s the life of the party!

8. She’s worked for everything she has, and stands as a good reminder for what hard work will bring you in life. She’s a pretty remarkable lady that doesn’t take shit from anyone (you know it’s true!), but also has the softest of hearts.

9. When I broke up with the first boyfriend I ever had (a momentous relationship of one month), I had a big debate over whether I should keep the Tigger he had brought back for me from Disney World. I came home one day to find a note on the Tigger that said “Throw out the boyfriend, but keep the cat!” Or some variation of that—either way, she was teaching me a much larger lesson about future relationships in a way that only moms can do!

10. She will always be my best paper and fiction editor.

Plus, she kind of looks like Diane Keaton. Or Diane Keaton kind of looks like her. 
Which makes watching Diane Keaton movies pretty great, probably explaining why I’m watching “Because I Said So” on TV as I write this.

The most recent family photo. We usually don’t look so glamorous, we were just trying out settings on Molly’s camera.

I love you, Mom! Thanks for everything. : )


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