My Reading, Writing, and (not) Arithmetic Challenge

I will have read some of you by summer’s end.

Now that the summer is here, this is what I will be doing.

Just kidding. But I am excited about the amount of free time I can now rededicate to writing and reading.

I’m also excited about the amount of time I’ll have to play Temple Run, as I am newly addicted.

I’m challenging myself this summer to write for at least two hours a day. That’s really not a lot if you think about it, especially for the amount of writing I need to catch up on. Plus, if I dedicate that amount of time to writing research papers, the same kind of approach should be expected for my creative stuff.

I’m also challenging myself to reading lots. I have a reading list that I will be working off of and that I’m pretty super, duper excited about.
Yes, I just said super duper.

Today, I started on both of those things by working on a piece I’ve had in mind for a while and reading the first few pages of Catching Fire. I’m hoping I can continue to learn lessons from Katniss Everdeen about making awesome braids.

Here’s hoping I can hold myself accountable for both these things over the summer months.

In other news, I’m really going to miss my PSK guys this summer. They’ve made this semester awesome, and I can’t wait for many more future semesters with them.

With some of the guys at Service Day during Greek Week.

Close up with Lorin and Joe.


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