Macy’s Has a Black Hole

Over the weekend, I went to a nearby mall to get a necklace Rahul gave me fixed by the jewelry wizards at Fast Fix. I had a little over an hour to kill while I was waiting, so I passed the time by window shopping—literally this time—and reading Catching Fire.

That’s right. I’m starting my summer reading list with the rest of The Hunger Games trilogy.

Anyway, I decided a few days ago that I needed some new running clothes because I wear the same ones over and over. So I decided to take a tour through Macy’s to check out their sportswear to see if there was anything on sale.

That’s wear the most frustrating ten minutes of my weekend began.

I should say that I usually love Macy’s. I feel like I always get a bigger discount than expected and something is always on sale.

But once in high school—and I swear this happened, no matter what my mom says—I circled the store in my hometown several times and never found the prom dresses. I left the store frustrated and dress-less. Why wouldn’t Macy’s have prom dresses? It just didn’t make any sense to me.

Like I said, my mom believes that I just didn’t look hard enough, or that I should have stopped to ask someone where the dresses were. But, as a shy and awkward teenager, I didn’t see this as an option. I stood firm in my belief that Macy’s did not have prom dresses to offer on that particular trip.

This second trip proved my theory in Macy’s black hole. After searching the store for five or so minutes, only finding swim wear—but no work-out clothes—I followed my mom’s advice and actually asked an employee for the exercise section.

And NO JOKE the woman said, “Oh, you mean like swim suits? Those are on this floor.”

“No, I was looking more for running clothes.”

“Oh…” (looks confused) “Well, you might try upstairs, maybe there’s something in the lingerie section.”

That’s right. The Macy’s employee directed me to the LINGERIE SECTION for workout clothes. I went upstairs anyway, because I had only searched the first floor. Still, no luck.

What the heck, Macy’s? I was disappointed in their lack of cheap sportswear and left frustrated. But also comforted in knowing my theory was starting to prove itself true.

One more instance like this and the Macy’s Black Hole will move from a theory to fact. Yes, cold hard FACT.

In other news, I have successfully complete the first season of “Dexter,” Catching Fire, and have even gotten some writing done. So, first week of summer overall=success.

Also completed in my first week of vacation: D.C. run. Spotted: Tidal Basin fishermen, baby ducks, and a motorcycle convention. Motorcyclists everywhere! Also, the heat proved to me that I never would have made it in the Hunger Games.


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