Fun D.C.: Taste of Georgetown

Rachel, Sean, and I at the photobooth! Apparently I’m the glamour chef.

Yesterday, I went to the Taste of Georgetown with Rachel and Sean (her bf). The TofG closed a street in Georgetown and filled it with vendors from the Georgetown area that offered food and drink samples and free products. This was so much fun! Usually I find Georgetown super hard to get to and sometimes not worth it, but this was a great way to get a taste of local restaurants without spending a ridiculous amount of money. Plus, there was live music, a scary clown on tilts that scared Sean, and dogs EVERYWHERE! Unfortunately, I didn’t get any picture of the dogs, because I’m not quite comfortable yet asking a stranger if I can take a picture of their dog. Just not my style.

TofG was a great D.C. even and I hope to go to more things like this over the summer! I mean, that’s what the summer is for, right?

Welcome to the Taste of Georgetown!

Delicious lobster roll from Georgetown Catering.

Food prep at Thunder Burger.

In Sean’s words, “a good photo to Instagram.”

Super yummy pulled pork sandwich  from Old Glory. I got Memphis sauce. Obviously.

Eye on the crowd.

Street of vendors!

We chose Georgetown Cupcake because the Sprinkles line was RIDICULOUS.


Scary balloon lady on stilts. When she passed us, she touched all of our heads. It was weird.

Sad cupcakes! I guess they got too hot and jostled around on the way home.


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