My Beef With Lowe’s

Something exciting happened this week. Well, many exciting things happened, but, for this blog, I’m singling out one event.

The affirmation by Donald Glover (not to be confused with Daniel Glover, or Danny Glover, as I did) that Lowe’s is a terrible, terrible place.

Well, actually he rants against Home Depot. But, (essentially) same thing.

Most of my family members and friends are aware of my beef with Lowe’s. In fact, when I’m home, my mom likes to tease me by telling me, when we’re already out, that we’re going to stop by Lowe’s on the way home.

Not funny, Mom.

Truth is, Lowe’s and I go way back. I believe the hatred started after spending several Saturdays there with my Dad as a child. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Saturdays with my dad. These were often our days together, and he would take my sister and I (and sometimes a few friends) to breakfast and then to run errands, or sometimes golf or to the movies.

I honestly couldn’t tell you now other places that we visited on these mornings because Lowe’s sticks out so much in my mind.

In reality, we probably only spent 30 minutes each visit to Lowe’s, and we probably didn’t visit every Saturday, as memory wants me to believe. But for a child, Lowe’s has to be the least fun place in the world. There’s no toys, and the things we tried to make into toys—tools, paint cans, light bulbs—were not exactly safe for children. Sometimes a game of hide and seek would form, but this was always frowned upon, for some unknown reason, by Lowe’s employees.

Now, I can see some of the merits of Lowe’s, specifically the gardening section. Also, my uncle works there now, and I like my uncle, so that’s at least one positive cooreleation. But, usually, I stick to Home Depot, even though I’ve had some less than stellar interactions with the Home Depot employees in Maryland, ranging from them losing a rather large paint order to asking for the box fans and being led to the ceiling fan section.

Maybe if I had a house, or enjoyed stores that offer a limited snack section more, than I might have created a more positive relationship with Lowe’s at this point. Nope. It’s still the store that was un-fun for me as a child. So don’t let the colorful Lowe’s commercials deceive you.

In other news, I saw Snow White and the Huntsman with Mary Beth, got into a minor fender bender where it was the other person’s fault (and also my first car accident other than backing into the Shoney’s pole when I was 16, another story for another time), dragged my butt out of bed twice at 7 am to run and avoid the heat (thanks Rachel), got locked out of my house twice, finished the season 3  finale of Dexter with Rahul (making that three seasons in three weeks), ventured into Baltimore, started reading Philip Roth’s American Pastoral, and went to the Truckeroo Food Festival. Overall, an interesting, fun week.

Taste explosion at Truckeroo in D.C.! Top left, a Korean BBQ taco; bottom left, line of food trucks; top right, snickerdoodle and cappuccino crunch ice cream; middle right, ice cream line; bottom right, goat cheese gouda and caramelized onions grilled cheese. DELICIOUS!


One thought on “My Beef With Lowe’s

  1. You are making me hungry for a grilled cheese! We have to get one when I visit! Going to the Swiss Colony Cheese Shoppe party tonight where I will have lots of good cheese but none of it will be grilled. Bratwurst will be browned however:)

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