I Have a Hard Time Letting Go

I have a hard time letting go…

of my La Cross tweezers.

And my cuticle clippers inherited through a free manicure set.

People may say newer is better. I agree in certain aspects, but not when it comes to certain beauty products.

I know magazines (as in the Glamours and Cosmopolitans I read at the gym) always preach about new and worthy beauty products, the wonders they can do, and blah blah blah. I mean, don’t get me wrong. Certain tips I write down, such as how to cut your own bangs, or achieve the perfect wavy hair. But when it comes to other products, or beauty tips, there are a just a few I can’t live without.


1. My Revlon eyelash curler. I don’t even want to pretend I’m interested in trying out newer and better eyelash curlers. This guy has been serving me well for years, helping me to achieve the perfectly curled eyelashes (the one beauty “trend” I’m actually fascinated with).

2. L’oreal Voluminous Mascara. I’m obsessed with curling my eyelashes (see #3). In fact, on days when I don’t really feel like putting on make-up but want to look presentable, curling my eyelashes and putting on mascara are the two things I’ll actually do. This mascara doesn’t weigh down my eyelashes or clump easily. Obsessed.

3. My La Cross tweezers. I’ve had these bad boys since I was in high school and would probably cry if I lost them. I don’t dare take them with me on a carry-on bag in fear they’ll confiscate them as a weapon. Yeah, it’s that bad.

4. My cuticle clippers. I’ve only had these for about a year, but it totally changed the way I take care of my nails. In fact, I use these so much that I actually wish I could “lose” them for a few weeks to let my cuticles grow in normally.

5. Maybelline Modern Metallics eyeshadow pallet. I often get in periods where I try new eyeshadow designs, usually only when I’m feeling super creative or have a lot of time on my hands. But this eye shadow pallet is the best, most perfect fallback whenever a need for eye shadow is seen, but a lack of creativity is present.

My beloved beauty products. If I had the energy to write a sonnet to them right now, I would.


1. A good friend of mine in middle/high school had this beautiful wavy hair, even though her hair was sometimes pretty straight. I asked her how she achieved the waviness, and she said she put her dry hair in a bun at night, spritzed it with some water, and slept on it. To this day, this works. Even with the new addition of the sock bun in the hair, lightly spritzed with water, it 9 out of 10 times produces great waves.

2. At a make-up event in college with my sorority sisters, one of them reminded us to move in upwards circular motions when putting on face moisturizer instead of down because “gravity already works on pulling the face down anyway.” Even though I was probably about 20 when I heard this, and had nary a wrinkle to find, it was definitely something to keep in mind for the future.

3. If you absolutely have to cut your own bangs, then do the following if they’re side-swept: sweep them to the other side and then cut from there. It may seem weird at the time, but produces much better results.

4. Pluck your eyebrows after showering or washing your face. The steam helps soften the skin and makes the process way more bearable.

5. If you have dark facial hair (like me), DON’T SHAVE IT! You will pay the price later. Luckily I didn’t get a Tom Selleck on my face (like Liz Lemon at 40 seconds here), but it takes a while to hide dark facial hair growing twice as fast. Now I’m having the same experience with white hairs. I stopped plucking the white hairs because now I have a whole patch of white hairs on the side of my head. Ugh.

So even though I may be pretty inept when it comes to make-up—it depends on the day, what I’m going for, and amount of time I put into the process—I swear up and down over these products and tips. Especially in the summer when I don’t have any reason to make myself presentable for days at a time.


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