Happy Father’s Day to the Greatest Dad in the World!

Happy Father’s Day, all you dads out there.

To go along with my post about my mom on Mother’s Day, I’d like to talk about why I also have a pretty excellent father.

College graduation, 2009. My graduation happened to fall on his birthday!

This is also the first Father’s Day in my recollection that I wasn’t in Tennessee to share the day with my Dad.

So, in his honor, I’d like to share a few of the things that make my Dad so great:

Dad and I while hiking in Amicalola Falls, Georgia.

1. He has backed me 100% for anything I’ve ever wanted to take on in my life. The only times he ever told me to get my nose out of a book or journal were on car rides somewhere beautiful—like Maine or the coast of California—to make sure that I didn’t miss anything. Other than that, he is supportive no matter what.

The only reason I somewhat follow college sports….

2. He provides the best practical life advice, from balancing a checkbook to changing a tire (which I’ve forgotten, sorry) to paying bills on time. These are all things I could have learned on my own time, but getting a little extra help from my Dad made these lessons all the more important.

3. He’s the best motivational speaker I know. For instance, when I started picking up running as a serious activity, he told me that, “If you can push yourself when running long distances, you can push yourself to do anything.” When I feel like giving up on a long run, or on other things that require a lot of energy and dedication, this is exactly the kind of motivation I need to keep me going.

Dad with his 2008 birthday present: Dolly!

4. He makes me proud of my accomplishments and makes sure I’m aware he’s proud.

5. On the other hand, he turns any less stellar accomplishment into a learning moment. For instance, when I drove my car in high school to go get ice cream at Dairy Queen with some friends, even though my parents told me not to drive (I had just gotten my license), I backed into the

Dad’s favorite sign, the running man exit sign. We saw a LOT of these in Italy.

pole advertising the Shoney’s next door. This left a large basketball sized hole in the bumper of my car, of course, and even though my parents were upset, my Dad was able to turn this into a learning moment about not upholding your word.

Our “My Heart Will Go On” performance, Christmas 2010.

6. He has a great, positive energy and has the ability to turn even the smallest things into something funny. For instance, when we were in Italy, he found the running man exit signs hilarious to the point that he made us take tons of pictures of him with them.
Plus, he’s one of the four that sings “My Heart Will Go On” every Christmas, a family Christmas tradition.

7. He has the ability to keep a mostly calm, level-headed demeanor in situations that are not calm, which I really admire.

8. In addition, I also admire his amazing work-life balance. He has been working for the same company since graduating college, and never missed a school play, choir event, or church-league basketball game, even when he was traveling lots for work.

Goofing around in Philly with the lifesize Monopoly pieces.

9. He (and my mom) always made time for at least one family vacation a year, whether it be a camping trip, tour of the Southwest, or trip to Disney World (my mom’s least favorite thing in the world).

10. He listens and responds accordingly, even if it’s telling me something I don’t want to hear at the time but know is true.

Also, I’ve heard from several people that he looks like Jeffrey Tambor. I don’t know, I don’t really see it. But I do love “Arrested Development.”

Family vacation, Summer 2010. We hit five major cities in two weeks!

I love you, Dad! Thanks for everything!


2 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day to the Greatest Dad in the World!

  1. Kat–I always thought that I looked more like Tom Selleck but, after seeing Jeffrey Tambor’s picture, I guess I can see a little resemblance! Thanks for the kind words and the great Father’s Day card (with the little exit sign Running Man). I can’t wait until you get back home to Tennessee next weekend so that we can go on our every-so-often Daddy/Daughter trip to Lowe’s to pick out a mower and check out all the Power Tools! (Yea!! Your FAVORITE activity!!).

    Love You,

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