Detour to Chattanooga

First off, let me state that the city is not pronounced Chattanooga, but ChattaNOOOOOOOga. You must always pronounce it this way.

We stayed in Chattanooga when my dad, cousin Jenny, and Uncle Tommy went to the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.
That’s right, folks. I’ve seen those colorful rings before in real life.
Anyway, I believe that’s when my new way of pronouncing the city began.

That being said, my mom and I took a few days last week and visited this beautiful city. East Tennessee is a LOT prettier than West Tennessee, in my mind, and provided for a fun, short getaway.

We spent most of our time visiting the attractions on Lookout Mountain. Rock City, known for its decorated barns sprinkled across the southern states; Ruby Falls, a beautiful underground waterfall; the Incline Railway, a very steep 10-minute journey up and down the side of the mountain.

Below, find some of my favorite pictures from the quick vacay.

I would write more, but I’m tired. So enjoy.

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