A Week in Provincetown, MA

I haven’t updated in a hot second because I’ve been here:

Sunrise; Provincetown, MA

I recently spent a week in Provincetown, MA for a writing conference and it was definitely the re-energizer I needed for my writing. I feel more excited about what I’m working on than I have been in a while, and that’s due to the wonderful, creative atmosphere the Fine Arts Work Center created. Hopefully I can continue on with this writing spirit, as I am majorly behind on my big reading plans for the summer. I won’t tell you how many books I’ve read because it’s embarrassing. Oh well, at least I’ve gotten almost two seasons of “True Blood” watched in the meantime. That’s more important, right? I mean, vampires won’t be popular forever.

The conference was great, and Provincetown is also a nice hamlet of a town to spend some time exploring and writing. Other than getting lost in the Massachusetts marshland and almost getting attacked by land crabs, I had an amazing week. To give you an idea, I’ll share some photos from my trip because a) I haven’t drank enough coffee yet to be more creative b) I’m obsessed with the slideshow function and c) the pictures are beautiful.


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One thought on “A Week in Provincetown, MA

  1. Hey, I want to live your life! BTW…drink, drank, drunk…I haven’t drunk enough coffee! I am an English teacher:) Loved the pictures!

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