What I Did (and didn’t do) This Summer

Before this summer started, I set a lot of lofty goals for myself. I was going to write more. I was going to read a new book every other week. I was going to essentially be a bad ass.

But now, with the men in my house moving in this weekend and school starting next Wednesday, I’m taking inventory: and I didn’t do so hot.

Let’s count up what I got done:


Three stories, working on a 4th & 5th, and also penned out the surrounding information for these pieces in case they do end up connected as a larger piece (fingers crossed).


Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
(I needed some light reading after school ended….)
American Pastoral by Philip Roth
Oryx & Crake by Margaret Atwood
The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood
(working on) The Bird Artist by Howard Norman
(working on) A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan

So, writing goals, not too shabby. Reading goals…I don’t want to talk about it.

Now, I also did a lot of things that technically don’t count as reading and writing but were, at times, a lot more enjoyable.


“Dexter”, six seasons
“True Blood”, four seasons
“Parenthood”, season 3
“New Girl”season 1
“Don’t Trust the B— in Apt. 23”, season 1
(rest of) “30 Rock”, season 6

Okay, so I watched a lot of TV this summer. But it’s the summer, right? You’re supposed to relax….

Truth is, I have a hard time finding the happy medium between relaxation and productivity. For me, it’s hard to fit both into a day. Granted, if I have one of those perfect days—where I wake up in a work mode and can comfortably call it a day by noon—then I have plenty of time in the afternoon for everything else.

But, of course, that rarely happens. Most of the time I try to fit 7,000 things into one day, only about three of them actually important, and I end up getting about ten of them done. And those days where I wake up and find it vitally important to watch four episodes of “Parks and Recreation” before I wake up…well, you can figure out the rest. 

Buuuuut I also bought a bike and went bike riding a lot and got a new phone and traveled a bit and saw family and got super frustrated when my 9 hour drive home from MA turned into 12 hours and sped through a New Jersey turnpike without paying (oops) and cooked for myself a lot and watched a lot of movies and hung out with old friends and made new friends and, most importantly, GOT TO SEE RAHUL.

Training for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Becoming Segway masters.

Hope the transition from summer to fall goes smoothly for all y’all that get to enjoy nice, long summer breaks.

One thought on “What I Did (and didn’t do) This Summer

  1. Your television watching is inspirational. :) And don’t worry, you have plenty of years to read and write and read and write but the most important thing is that you live. You and Rahul look so happy it makes me happy too!

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