Writer’s Frustration

I’ve been struggling with something lately called Writer’s Frustration.

Don’t mistake this for Writer’s Block. Even though they may seem similar, they are very different. It’s not that I have Writer’s Block. I have plenty of things about which to write. Ever since I started in on my collected stories project, I feel as if the ideas haven’t stopped, which is great. I think many writers would agree that it’s preferable to write a piece or pieces that are set in the same location, with the same characters. It’s Faulkner’s approach. But as I try to create my own Yoknapatawpha County, I’m running into something I didn’t quite expect: repetitiveness.

I guess I should have expected it, especially since my pieces center around the same family. And even though I feel I have some good plot points, twists, and more, I’m already getting a little tired of them after only writing a few stories, and that can’t be a good sign.

After a few days of frustrated writing, several “blaaaah” moments, and plenty of complaining to Rahul, I realized that I was writing the piece I was working on just to finish it. I knew what I wanted to happen, and I was rushing to get there. That should never be the case. Writing is a journey, and when you’re not enjoying it, it’s so evident in your work.

So, finally, I decided to pull up my big girl pants and step away from the piece. Even though I’ve spent all summer working on these pieces, I’ve reached a place where I don’t know what to do next and I don’t know if what I’ve done is good or needs to totally change. It’s a frustrating place but, I gotta tell you, it’s much less frustrating than actually forcing myself through a piece when I’m not actually sure I need to keep writing it.

With the 2nd year of my MFA program starting today, this blog post seems appropriate. I’ve since moved onto working on something else, and I’m hoping that I have better luck with this one.


One thought on “Writer’s Frustration

  1. Hey there. I’m a writer too. Right know I’m working over a few short stories and I’ve been all about rewriting lately. Some friends have read my drafts and their response has been really discouraging for me. I remember a time when they used to read stuff of mine and really liked it. Not sure if it was because they were really good for my age or I’m just getting worse over time. Honestly? Right now I’m just hating what I write. It’d be a lot easier if I were good at anything else XD
    I just realized you wrote this a long time ago, so I hope you worked out your problem.

    PD: Not an english speaker, so sorry about the mistakes.
    PD 2: Just finished Joyce’s Dubliners and your works’ description reminded me about it XD Highly recommend it if you haven’t read it.

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