What’s Happened in My Life Lately

So I haven’t posted on my blog in a looooong time. In 23 days, to be exact. It’s something I was aware of, but didn’t really think about too much until my friend Mary Beth texted “I miss your blog updates” and when I responded “I haven’t had anything to write about lately : (“ she promised that we would remedy that. So in an effort to pick my tired writing paws off the ground and update this dear old web site, I’m going to go with one of my good ol’ standbys: listing.

What’s Happened in My Life Lately:

(in the order that they occurred to me)

1. I was chosen as the “tech person” for one of my classes. This only happened because I’ve taken the professor before, not because I’m good at technology. Because I’m not. But it turns out figuring out a few buttons to turn on a projector and stuff is not so bad after all.

2. Wrote a story for which I’ve had the idea for close to a year. The story of course was not the best thing I’ve ever written, but I was just happy to finally get it down on page.

3. Celebrated my two-year anniversary with Rahul. I still have one more gift for you, mister!!

What a beautiful bride!

4. Went to one of my best friend’s wedding in Minnesota! Ashley & Josh are SO perfect for each other and it was such a lovely wedding. Their wedding was outside and Minnesota is gorgeous. Josh nearly made us all cry with his vows and I got really good at pinning those boutonnière things.  Plus, it was great to see Ashley, who I hadn’t seen in about three years! WAY too long!

5. Explored D.C.’s nightlife a little more. Even though I miss my coffee shop days (haven’t been able to find a good day!), I’ve enjoyed exploring the city a little more.

6. Read a Philip Roth book (The Human Stain) that I actually DIDN’T hate.

7. Started back on all our TV shows with Rahul. We have quite a long list to get through every week, and I love it!! I watch WAY more TV shows than I read books. Oops.

My precious parents! Even though Dad is slightly upset still about the UGA loss to South Carolina….

8. Reorganized my apartment with my parents. Changes include: more shelves, more scarves racks, coat hangers, a new coffee table, new artwork, etc. The extra shelves were MUCH NEEDED as I have little to no space for storage. It was actually frightening when we moved my couch and noticed how much crap I’ve stuffed under there over the past year.

9. Had a fun visit with my parents, who went segwaying while I had to go to class. Not fair! We also had a delicious dinner at Founding Farmers and went to church at the National Cathedral!

For one night, all four of us were in the same place, so what did we do? Surprised Molly at the airport with fake mustaches to match her cat whiskers tattoo, of course!

Family photo!

Both of us are wearing her shirts. That’s what sisters are for, right? To borrow clothes?

10. Also had a fun visit with my sister. We explored D.C. and a little of Baltimore together (in the rain), and traveled to Pennsylvania to see her roommate’s band perform. We hadn’t seen each other since this summer, and we were both over 21 for the first time. So, as you can imagine, fun weekend. : )

11. Paid attention to the debates and politics and registered to vote absentee-ly and watched Mitt Romney style a bunch of times. BTW, what’s his deal with China??? Seriously, someone fill me in please.

12. Enjoyed Homecoming Week (theme: Fairy Tales) without having to plan ANYTHING for it. So relaxing. Plus, my PSK guys did amazing in their skits! Just to embarrass them, I’m posting the video I took here. If the angle is sloppy it’s because I was watching in real time instead of through the lens and would occasionally forget I was still videoing.

13. Read at my MFA program’s Mockturtle reading. There’s a video for that somewhere too, but I’m not sharing that. : )

14. Watched the first episode of “The Walking Dead” with Rahul when we couldn’t find “Don’t Look Under the Bed” for our Halloween movie watching. TWD was super creepy and awesome, but DLUTB is a classic Disney Channel original!!!!! I’m still determined to get him to watch it. : )

15. So far, enjoyed this fall a lot more than last fall. Nothing against last fall, but I do feel more settled this year and that’s such a good feeling!


One thought on “What’s Happened in My Life Lately

  1. YAY an update. I love it. Your family is so cute with the mustaches — I think you might have the coolest parents ever. Also, I’m super excited that we are friends again and I’m going to be taking advantage of that starting right now.

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