I Had a Dream Once That My Dad was President

I’m not kidding.

If you know me well, you know I have some pretty weird dreams. There was that one time I dreamed I was Matilda, or the time I dreamed I was fighting the Transformers, or the time I dreamed I was able to breathe underwater and went to visit the Titanic. It almost makes me believe that dreams show your true desires, as I really DID wish I was Matilda as a child, and I really DO wish I could go and visit the Titanic. I’m not sure about the Transformers one, though.

And, if that’s the case, I really must have wished my Dad was President when I was in elementary school. I remember in the dream that he visited my school’s gymnasium and gave a speech, and there was a band playing and a lot of America colors and pomp and men dressed in suits. And I remember waking up and thinking hey, that would be awesome.

Alas, just visiting….

But then I learned how hard it is to become President (apparently it didn’t click until I was in like 3rd grade), and how you have to be like well-known and stuff. Plus, then my Dad would have never been around, and would have secret service agents for life, and things would have just not been fun in the long run. BUT it would have been cool to live in the White House.

I was thinking about this other night while watching the last Presidential debate. This happened to fall on the same day I received my absentee ballot in the mail AND my free Obama sticker in the mail, which got me so excited I literally yelled “whoop-whoop!” into the living room, which then prompted a few of the guys to tell me that the sticker would not go over well in the house. That being said, I’m glad my dad chose NOT to become President so Molly and I don’t have to be objected to a lifetime of unwanted press coverage and BuzzFeed pages dedicated to us.

Election’s less than two weeks y’all. I’m not gonna influence your decision—not my style—but I will encourage you all to practice your right to vote.

I will say this though—Romney, give it up with the mentions of the Olympics. We get it already.


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