I’ve Never Been to a Hurricane Before

Doesn’t look too bad now, but has been raining all day long….that person driving is a daredevil! Even though that was me and Anna a few hours earlier….

Even though I experienced Hurricane Irene last year, I still wanted to use this Facebook status of my friend Airek to describe what’s currently going on. Plus Airek—the inventor of the name of this very blog—just says the funniest things.

Even though I lived in MD during Irene last year, Sandy already feels totally different. In other words, she is making her presence known. It’s been raining all day, the wind has picked up, and the university has closed for Monday and Tuesday, as well as much of D.C.

Probably can’t tell here either, but this tree is a moving and a swaying in the wind.

The hurricane preparations/frantic behaviors of others/crazy weather of course reminds me of growing up in a state inclined toward tornadoes. However, with tornadoes, the bad weather is often immediate, allowing for little time to prepare. That being said, I failed my first test of hurricane preparedness. I was able to get gas before the prices rose, but not water bottles as they were completely out at the grocery store. I’m stocked up on food and made sure all the windows I have access to are closed in the house and that the boys have food as well. The chances we’ll lose power are slim to none (knock on wood) as our power lines are underground and separate from the rest of the town, so hopefully it stays that way because I will HAVE no idea what to do if the power actually does go out.

My plants ain’t getting no sun today.

So, for now, all I’m left to do is just enjoy the free time off school. Which I’ll probably use to catch up on school work. I’m so boring. I’m also counting on watching SEVERAL movies and TV shows with Rahul, who gets to enjoy the hurricane vicariously through me.



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