Excuse Me, Ladies, You’re Being Too Loud

D.C. is the city for brunching and when you’re getting a group of girls together to celebrate an engagement, what do you do? Go to brunch, of course.

Rachel—a fellow house mom, life saver of Katherine’s sanity during HC/GW, and good friend—got engaged a few weekends ago! To celebrate her engagement, a few of us got together a group of ladies for a brunch in D.C. at Crios, a yummy restaurant near Dupont Circle.

The brunch was extraordinarily fun, and the food was delicious. There were friends from several stages in Rachel’s life present, and it was great girl time. Or, as Leslie Knope says, “Just ladies celebrating ladies.” But, in all seriousness, an engagement is one of those monumental life markers that definitely deserves its own celebration.

Ladies celebrating ladies!

Ladies celebrating ladies!

However, in all our celebratin’, we apparently were having TOO much fun, as the waiter approached awkwardly to inform us the table next to us had complained that were “too loud.” Too loud! In a D.C. brunch restaurant where there’s bottomless mimosas and plenty of other people talking equally as loud in the restaurant. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize we had transported to a super fancy 5-star restaurant where excellent QUIET decorum is expected at all times.

Fortunately, it wasn’t the worst complaint in the world, but it did stir up a bit of confusion. In the midst of our joyful celebration, we received a message about the amount of our words and laughter, and that message was loud and clear: “Can you please keep your voices down?” I suddenly felt as if we were in the 3rd grade, getting in trouble for passing notes to each other.

So, beware all you D.C. brunch-goers: Keep thine voice down to ensure minimal complaints from other restaurant-goers. Luckily for us, the brunch was still an awesome time, and ended with Panera Christmas cookies (yum!). Our spirits won’t be brought down!


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