The Comeback Kid

It’s my one year blogiversary…of not blogging.

I’ve been thinking of starting my blog up for a while now, and when I saw that the last post was June 27, 2013, I decided to make it a clean year in between posts. That way it would seem like a more momentous celebration of something when really it’s just me starting back up my personal blog.

There was a time when I was very dedicated to my blogging and set aside time every week to writing entries. And even though I really wanted to blog over this past year, I dedicated any writing time I had to writing something much more important: my MFA thesis.

I entered into my third and final year of my MFA last fall, also known as the THESIS YEAR. I had to complete my thesis no matter what. There was a time toward the end (somewhere in March) where I really wanted to jump ship and was having dreams about writing ANYTHING other than my thesis. Some authors that visited our MFA program talked about how they take breaks when working on longer projects to write short stories and I thought HOW LUXURIOUS YOUR LIFE IS but stop rubbing it in my face that you have all this free time to write whatever the hell you want. And then I also reminded myself that they are published authors with nothing else to do than write, where as I am (or at least was at the time) a 5th year grad student, a teacher, a fraternity House mom, a student, and a whole host of other identifiers. The writer part of me was sharing time with a 1,000 other things and it was the least I could do to finish my thesis without wanting to plan some horrible death for all my characters and call it a day.

Okay, so I’m being a little bit dramatic. But my time and thoughts were consumed with writing a novel-length piece that I actually love very dearly and have been working on for over a year now. When I turned in the for real-real copy, I ate a lot of sushi, drank a lot of wine, and went to sleep early. In other words I:parks-and-rec-treat-yo-selfI also started teaching at a local community college, continued to work as a house mom for my dear fraternity boys, and took my LAST CLASSES EVER as a graduate student.
People keep saying “don’t say you’re done with school, you never know,” but I do know. I. AM. DONE. (a sentence which would surely horrify my AP English teacher, who reminded us countless times—when we said “done!” at the end of a practice test—that we are not done, we are finished. Potatoes in the oven are done, students are finished.)

So now that my MFA program is completed, and summer is upon us, I have a little more time on my hands. Some exciting changes are upcoming: even though I am really sad about having to move out of the fraternity house and leave my boys behind, I am really excited to no longer be a student/house mom/teacher but just be a TEACHER. Part of the reason I decided to get my MFA was so I could teach, and I am excited to embark on this next part of my life as I leave the student identifier behind and can focus solely on teaching (and writing, of course). While I obviously loved being a House Mom, and a student (most of the time), I am REALLY really looking forward to not splitting my time so much. It’s exhausting.

Many exciting things have happened over the past year: other than finishing my MFA program, I saw Rahul many, many times, reconnected with some old and dear friends, spent quality time with family, developed a J.Crew addiction, applied for a 1,000 jobs, hung out at the White House, ran two long races, attended the weddings of two close friends, attended the graduations of my sister and my oldest best friend, spent weekends in New Orleans and Minnesota, read much YA fiction, and went apartment hunting with my mom and sister after deciding to stay in the DC area for at least another year. That’s right, D.C.! You’re not rid of me just yet!

2014 has shaped up to be a pretty awesome year so far, and I’m excited about the months to come, which you can read about here. I know you’ve been missing my random ramblings on movies, coffee shops, and life in general, and I’ve missed taking time every week to jot down the goings on and other nonsense. So don’t fret, dear readers: Wordifications is officially making a comeback.
First official random rambling, as it has to do with MFA programs: are we really supposed to believe that Hannah Horvath was accepted into the IOWA WRITER’S WORKSHOP!?!? I know this is old news, but give me a break. Let’s just hope if she actually attends the program it will make her less insufferable rather than more. 




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