The news is about a day old now, but let me just say HOW (INSERT PAY CHANNEL LANGUAGE HERE) EXCITED I am that “Community” is returning for a 6th season.

Like with any good show, I didn’t start watching it until last summer when I was in India, where I proceeded to watch most of the show over a 6-week period. I was excited to finally watch the show in real time, only to have NBC crush my soul when they cancelled it…

Thank you, Troy, for expressing so accurately what I could not.

But I mean SERIOUSLY, how do you cancel a show like “Community” and keep crap like  “Scandal” and “The Walking Dead”? Two shows I also watch, BTW, but as a fan can acknowledge have become CRAP lately.

Community’s moments of brilliance are too many to count. Just last night, I caught the Jeff narcissism episode on TV, which features one of the greatest moments between Jeff Winger and the Dean. And what about the pillow and blanket forts? And the Dean’s Dalmatian obsession? And “shut up Leonard?” And Changnesia? And Troy & Abed in the morning (nights)? And all the episodes where they go on adventures together, and then the episode where Jeff recounts all their adventures and talks about some WE HAVE NEVER EVEN SEEN, giving us the allusion of a great and strange friendship!?!?!? And the episode where we learn how Magnitude got his catch phrase?!?

I can’t go on.
Oh, except to say the Abed-Nic Cage crossover was one of my all time favorites. 

I mean, come on. That is funny shit.

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you Yahoo TV–something I was not previously aware existed–for keeping “Community” in our lives for a little while longer.


Oh, and while we’re on the subject of Community gifs, let me just say that Shirley has perfectly captured how I feel when I have to drive through roundabouts in D.C.:


Let’s face it, finding gifs for a blog post is probably more fun than anything else I do with my time. Except maybe watching “Community.” See what I did there?


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